MCBD – A Journey to the East


So first of all, what exactly IS the MCBD ? I mean I’ve mentioned it multiple times under the header of “a special board gaming event in Korea” but that could be many things, so let me elaborate. The Korean board gaming market is fascinating, it’s full of some very bright and creative individuals that have started to turn their efforts to what is an emerging new market in their country. Rising 5 is just one of the great projects to be coming out of Korea and we’re certain to see many more over the coming years.

The MCBD or Master Class of Boardgame Design was an event meant to stimulate and titillate these new actors in the board gaming industry. Organised by our own Kevin of Mandoo Games, he secured an amazing location in Seoul before inviting industry professionals from all over the world to speak about their adventures and share their knowledge.

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The Hand’s Tournament – Paying the Iron Price


Well, well, what have we here? My first blog post in what, 18 months? It’s time to dust off the old blog, the place where it all began. Those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter will probably know what has happened since October 24th 2014 but for those of you that don’t let’s just say that Conan has been and gone, as well as other projects and that if I stopped writing here it’s mainly because writing for a website is one of my primary occupations nowadays but I have more and more personal gaming stuff I want to talk about and that’s what I made this place for!

Anyways, I’m not going to blather on about that here. I may do a catch up post in the future, or not, we’ll see. In any case, work has been pretty busy since my last entry and I admit I haven’t been playing or attending as many events as I used to. As part of a new year’s resolution/promise to myself I’m starting to do more gaming events again and I’ve been fully embracing my newfound love of the Game of Thrones (second edition) card game (don’t worry, I still play miniature games!). I managed to start up quite the little community here (Oh I’m in Orleans now, no more Paris) and we’ve been attending quite a few store events which have led up to this weekend and the “Hand of the King” tourney in the capital!

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Spiel 2014 – Essen


A Pilgrimage, a journey of spiritual or moral significance. Some pilgrims travel to significant shrines or holy cities and some dudes even trekked across a desert once carrying a load of spices that everyone knows the names of even if nobody knows exactly what they are. Me? I went to Germany with a boatload of models and some dice.

Now I’m not saying Spiel is of some religious significance but for a lot of gamers this is it, this is where it all happens. This is the Promised Land. And to be honest, yeah, I was kinda feeling it too. What I’m offering here isn’t a full blown review, I was working during the event so didn’t get to see enough to do a full blown coverage. What you get here is my personal experience along with the games that really moved me. Enjoy!

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WM&H WTC 2014 – Poland


Nothing beats getting up at 6am on a cold, wet, Parisian morning to go and play some toy soliders. This time was slightly different however as this time I was preparing myself to be fired across Europe in a tin can, direction: Poland and the Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championships!

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Robert E. Howard Conference


I had a great time today at the Robert E. Howard event at the <Derniere Bar Avant La Fin du Monde> in Paris.

I was helping with the event, mainly for the Conan boardgame which we were demoing all day. It also gave us the chance to introduce the game to a wider audience as well as taking questions about it. All in all people were very impressed and excited to get their hands on the real thing so good returns all around!

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KickStarter: Rise of the Kage


Sometimes I come across a game that I like not forcibly because its new or innovative but because it reminds me of good times past. Rise of the Kage is, once I got to know it, that kind of game for me. Now I’m not saying this game isn’t fresh, it its, and its got some very cool ideas to prove it but for me it just strikes a chord that I can’t ignore.

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Instruments of War – The Beginning.

Despite their plastic resin kits making me wanting to gouge my eyes out with a spray template, the Skorne are coming along well and hopefully will be ready for painting by the end of the week! I Thought I would quickly run through what’s on the way, see what you guys thought.

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