Messages in Bottles

I did think for a while how best to introduce a blog and what fantastic things I could write to get everyone inspired to come back but then I remembered what someone alot more famous then me said:

“Blogging is like throwing a message in a bottle into a sea made out of bottles with messages in.”

Therefore my plan in to lamp this bottle in YOUR general direction in the vain attempt that the temporary shock and blood loss may keep you around long enough for this to get interesting.

So where to start? The obligatory piece of text about myself it is then! After all the idiot you know is better then the idiot you don’t.

My real name is Jamie, I’m a 24 year old University graduate who currently finds himself in that lovely little nook that is the limbo between education and work, doesn’t help that my chosen industry is construction but you’ve got to stay optimistic 😉 and with that status comes alot of free time for personal projects such as starting a blog you’ve always wanted to do.  I’ve been playing wargames since I was 9, that lovely 2nd edition box set with the orks with pointy hats that really made you think where you were putting your hands lest you end up with multiple stab wounds to the palm. Needless to say when a school friend got me into this with its colourful books, awesome artwork, nifty models and all the dice I could throw (and lets not forget the whippy sticks….ooh hours of fun was had with them, and pain…lots of pain) I was sufficiently hooked and have enjoyed the hobby till this day.

I have played Warhammer 40k since that day and currently play Bad Moon Orks, Recently my enthusiasm for the game has waned a bit as I’m unhappy with alot of the competitive scene as theres only so many times you can be blown of the table by GK/Guard turn 2 and not be slightly (and by that I mean VERY) annoyed. But I trust that with new codex releases they will balance the game out and I’ll still play it for fun and nostalgia as I always have whatever the result.

My baby recently has been Warmachine/Hordes, a game that ticks all the boxes for me: Good/solid/fair rules, Great fluff, Nice models, and a very lively competitive yet fun attitude (circa page 5). To this end I have embraced the game like a hobo embraces chips and have been happily playing away with my Russians Khador, and more recently Retribution, since the summer. I’m still relatively green but am looking forward to working my way up the ladder.

So enough about me, and thank god I hear you cry, but what is this blog going to be all about? Well I take part in all aspects of the hobby: building/converting, painting, gaming, events and this is where I hope to record most of that activity. I will be posting often, and some other associates have expressed interest in writing articles, one in particular is VERY good at scratch building so look forward to that! Keep an eye out for 40k Ork conversions and tactics, Khador painting and battle reports and “from the ground up” Retribution of Scyrah force reports. I also count on being very active in tournaments so look out for alot of event reports, notably (I hope!) the UK hardcoreseries next year.

Otherwise I hope that the need to post here and keep things fresh and entertaining will keep me focused (ha we shall see how long that lasts!) and you guys entertained! But to see said content you will have to fav the site and come back and check, by which point you have already fallen into my trap. Excellent.

Anyways guys I hope I’ve given you a fair and unbiased rundown of the site so please check back I promise I’ll make it worth your whilst!

Untill then don’t worry this will only hurt a bit.


Let me know what you think!

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