Waaagh! Buzzkill! Christmas knockout tournament.

I’ll admit I’ve had a bit of a gripe about Warhammer recently after getting into Warmachine. It just has so many loopholes and unbalanced elements that make it a less interesting game to play. Despite that I had a very good game yesterday against Dark Eldar which reminded me that despite all that I really do enjoy playing the game and probably always will, mostly for sentimental value I think but when you push aside all the beardyness its still a damn good game.

My Local GW is hosting a 1500 Winter knockout tournament so I thought I’d use that as a platform to renew my love for the game. I’ll be playing my Bad Moon Orks, still fresh out of their 4th place from the team challenge at Maelstrom.

So I’m well aware that Orks are by far not the best army in the game but I still enjoy playing them, they give me a challenge and if the dice gods are smiling they can pull off some pretty convincing wins. Plus they are so much fun to build and paint. (<3 you army painter!)

So this is what I’m probably going to take:

Waaagh! Buzzkill!

Kommadore Buzzkill (Ghazghkull Thraka)

Big Mek – Kustom Force Field

6 Lootas

6 Lootas

6 Lootas

18 Ork Boyz – Shootas, Nob w/Powerclaw, Bosspole, Eavy’ armour 

18 Ork Boyz – Shootas, Nob w/Powerclaw, Bosspole, Eavy’ armour 

12 Ork Boyz – Nob w/Powerclaw, Bosspole, Eavy’ armour 
– Trukk w/Boarding plank, Reinforced ram

10 Gretchin

DeffKopta – TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw

DeffKopta – TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw

Battlewagon – Boarding Plank, Grabbin’ Klaw, Grot Riggers, Deffrolla’. Armour Plates

Battlewagon – Boarding Plank, Grabbin’ Klaw, Grot Riggers, Deffrolla’. Armour Plates

I ran with a very similar list at the last tournament except it included a warboss on bike & nob bikers. As powerfull and as fun as this unit can be there are just too many counters to them now that just laugh at them so I’ve changed them out in favor of Ghazzy, more boys and deffkoptas.

Everything is very self explanatory really, Ghazkul is there for the waaagh and to be a beatstick. KFF Mek gives the boys something resembling armour. The shootah boys in battlewagons form the base of the army and can put out a lot of fire as well as CC attacks.  The BWs they ride in are primarily my answer to high armour (gotta love deffrollas and boarding planks) as well as getting my boyz across the board.The choppa boyz give me a bit more cc punch as well as another scoring unit.  Gretchin exist uniquely to sit on an objective or protect the lootas from outflanking models. Lootas are some of my favorite models and they can put out an ATROCIOUS amount of shots…or none, depends on the dice, but that is part of the fun! The deffkoptas are there to scout ahead first turn and go for some cheeky vehicle kills.

Most of the army is painted and ready to roll just need to finish the choppa boyz, trukk and deffkoptas.

So we shall see how it goes. There are some very good players at GW Sheffield with some very competitive lists so I have no doubt that the Boyz will be sorely tested by the end of it all! Whatever happens I’ll make sure I get photos and some battle reports done for y’all!

Now then where did I put those squigs?

There’s some warhammer for you finally! Let me know what you think of the list, still trying to find my sweet spot with Orks so any suggestions or tips and tricks would be appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Waaagh! Buzzkill! Christmas knockout tournament.

  1. Well da Greenies is always fun….steer clear of purifiers!
    Your list hits all the bases, though.

    Best of luck!

    I totally think the cat pushing a watermelon in a lake makes a fine banner, btw!

    • Ewwww purifiers, one of the reasons I take Shootas. At least I can try and deal with them at range then!

      And thankyou! I’ll let you know how it all goes never fear!

      And yes he has done a fine standin job but NORMALLY I should get the proper art soon!

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