Necrons – First Contact

Played my first games against the new Necron codex yesterday/today. The First one was 1500 using the list in my last post. The second at 1750 using an expanded list as practice for a tournament in February .

Yesterday I faced down:


2x 10 immortals w/ Cryptek

2x 6 warriors w/ Cryptek

2x Heavy Destroyer

2x Heavy Destroyer

2x Annihilation Barge

Doomsday Arc

This was kind of a learning curve as I got to experience First hand what the new book is all about. We were playing spearhead/kill points. I got off lightly first turn only losing only 1 loota and my big mek battlewagon was immobilised. What followed was not very pretty. Matt ward was not far off when he said they were now the shootiest army in 40k, I’m not convinced they are just yet but the amount of firepower they can put out is very impressive. The game consisted then of battlewagons being blown up and me trying to plink away at a fleet of AV 13, one of my biggest problems. Ghazghkull did get in and stomp the overlord and his unit but was eventually brought down. What did I learn from this game? Well I’m still learning my way through orks but I definitely have to refuse flanks in this case, destroyers are very fast and have little issue getting into my sides, especially when I don’t concentrate my forces. The amount of anti infantry firepower he could put out was very harsh BUT apart from the destroyers not much could really threaten my wagons, even on the flanks. So next game I had to deny him side armour shots and put the heavy destroyers down ASAP.

And today that’s exactly what I did.

We both used expanded lists, Him with more destroyers, another barge and a crypt stalker thingey (if it hits you the rest of the army is twin linked against that model). I used another battlewagon with 11 burnas and 1 less unit of lootas. It was dawn of war with 4 objectives. I learned my lesson this time and after he got the first turn I reserved everything and brought it on on one flank. The deffkoptas shot forward to take care of one group of destroyers right in front of them and the lootas ran into cover to stop the other 2 getting into range. The Battlewagons lasted quite a while this time and I only lost the one with the burnas in it in the end. What did mark me though is ALL my remaining vehicles immobilised themselves on terrain with 1,1’s 😦 aside from that bit of bad luck I managed to neutralise his AT minimising what he could do to my boyz before they were kicking down his front door. In the end I won two objectives to one with Ghazghkull about to relieve him of his last point.

All in all 2 very good games, I’m pleased that I learnt my lesson and adapted, played a good game and really managed to protect my BW’s as they went in. Of major note are the deffkoptas, they really did their job! Will look forward to using this list more.

As for Necrons, in a few words, they seem good. We have yet to see the book fully used but given time that will all come to light. I’m not sure if it will dislodge IG and wolves from the top spots but I think it will give them a good run for their money. They are a good book for an army that desperately needed a revamp and although I’m not too happy with how they’ve changed the fluff it’s still nice to see them back on the board!

And thats all I have to say about space tomb kings Necrons for now! More to come no doubt 😉


Let me know what you think!

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