Mantle of his Birthright – Double epic Vlad on horseback!

So The Privateer Press Insider has revealed the concept details of Khadors first double epic: Vladimir Tzepesci! It will also be Khador’s first cavalry Caster!

Vlad is one of my favorite Khadoran characters, both fluff and rules wise and I’m really glad to see him get the double epic status, though after the wrath story arc I had my money on Karchev! Either way I feel it is going to be a bloody good model.

From the image we can see that armour wise he hasn’t changed much, still the same baroque armour with MASSIVE shoulder pads ❤ although he has gained a helm that resembles a crown…could this be something to do with his supposed sovereignty over Umbrey? Also He seems to of left Dominion, a weapon fairly important to his storyline, at home and taken up a lance and a (very impressive!) morning star.

Vlad has always excelled at buffing his own troops attacks through spells (signs & portents, hand of fate, transference) and his feats make them move faster and hit harder (Forced march and Blood Legacy) whilst he himself remains quite the bruiser (Blood of kings, Might of Kings). He also has some tasty utility spells under his belt (wind wall, boundless charge, wind blast, assail). In this new version I assume (and hope!) that this style will continue.

His cavalry status suggests a good synchronisation with Iron Fang Uhlans and looking at his past feat we could be expecting something along the lines of his prime feat but for cavalry/infantry models? My biggest interest is what will they do to Blood of kings: Its gone from a spell to a passive so I’m interested to see what it’s next incarnation is.

Anyways watch this space folks I’m sure PP will do everyone’s favourite dark prince justice!

What’s your opinion the artwork? Would you of preferred a different double epic character first? What do you think his new rules will be? Let us know in the comment section!


2 thoughts on “Mantle of his Birthright – Double epic Vlad on horseback!

    • Yes me too! I do really like the Uhlans so hopefully they will have some great buffs with him.

      And I can see what you mean about the Skorne, but both of their designs revolve around very martial (and ancient) traditions. so it may be that. Some people have been saying that his knee pads are Menoth markings but I can’t really see that either.

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