Baptism by plasticard – Deffkopta Buzzsaws

I had my first real go at scratch building today. My friend was generous enough to source me some proper plasticard (hard to get around here)  and I spent today making some buzzsaws for my Deffkoptas.

It was a very interesting and fun experience which has produced some great (If I may say so myself!) results. Really looking forward to getting the fixed to their respective koptas. Now that I’m comfortable with it I expect I’ll be using it a lot more, in particular the third battle wagon I’m building I already have some more adventurous designs in mind!

Let me know what you think guys. Is there some detail or element that I’ve missed or that could be improved? If there is interest enough I would be happy to do a tutorial.


4 thoughts on “Baptism by plasticard – Deffkopta Buzzsaws

  1. Well done. Adding rivets is usually a good call =) Also, I find that if you can fit a tube inside another tube, it makes easy hydraulics, just as you have done, but the larger tube always looks way too large.

    • Thanks! Yes a friend was telling me some more small rivets would make it look better, I need to find some more thin rods to chop up for it.

      As for the tube its part of the job sadly when you take into account the thickness of the actual card, but I got lucky with this set they go together pretty well 🙂

  2. Those are cool as hell, they definitely look sufficiently Orky!
    If those were your first attempt at scratchbuilding, I have to say I’m mightily impressed.
    Please, lemme see what they look like painted and attached to a deffcopta.

    Still love the cat an’ watermelon!

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