Pimp my Ride – Warbuggy edition

I remember when I was 9-10 I’d just started playing 2nd edition orks with all their pointy hatted goodness and then for my birthday I got one of these bad boys, I was ecstatic, over the moon to finally have a multi-melta in my army, the gun of kings! Sadly the model has not aged well however and I fear that this old school model shall not make it into my bad moons…but fear not help is at hand!

I’ve been looking at including some buggies in my ork army for a while now, I’ve seen quite a few people use them to varying degrees of success however the model has held me back, untill now! I wanted to get some in january next year so I could test them out before a tournament in febuary, my original plan was to ignore the buggy model all together and convert the slightly cheaper trakk model, and with my new found plasticard skills I felt quite good about this!

Its still an old model, and the crew would have to be changed out but I have plenty of bits from the rest of the boyz so wouldn’t of been too much hassle. but then Mantic Games went and released this bad boy.

It looks bad ass, it comes with a rocket launcher as standard (why would you use anything else), the crew on the back can be exchanged easily, the are £10- each so the price is right and most importantly its a trike! I can have my boyz jetting about in a fleet of reliant robins! Ace! But then another contender appears!

Kromlech are planning on releasing this baby early next year and I must say the 4×4/quad look does appeal to me and it fits in with the battlewagons better. It also comes with a choice of missile of big shootah. Crew sculpts and price to be confirmed. Definitely puts me in two minds about the Mantic one but we shall have to wait and see! And then when you though there wasn’t enough choice…

Word on the street is that we will be getting another januWAAAGHry like the O&G fantasy release a while back and included will be a new buggy & trakk/scorcha kit. apart from that everything is yet to be confirmed.

So as far as buggy plans are concerned we shall see what January brings! One things for sure…If you ever wanted some buggies then next month you will be spoilt for choice!

Which buggy do you prefer the look of? any ideas on what the new GW one will be like? Comments below as usual people 😉


Let me know what you think!

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