Christmas comes early for Scyrah – House Vyre Myrmidons

So christmas has come early for the elves of Ios in the form of 3 new house Vyre jacks from the wrath book: The Banshee, Daemon and Sphinx in what is assumedly a new multipart resin/plastic kit.

I’m a staunch fan of the Phoenix myself so I was skeptical of the Vyre myrmidons as they are slightly different from their house Shyeel cousins. The major change is they lose their forcefield but gain more hull damage boxes. This technically gives them the same amount of hit boxes with the exception that they cannot be healed back by phoenix field of spending focus points. This does mean however that they can be repaired up to their full hit boxes by arcanists. I’m sure there’s some maths that would demonstrate which one is more effective but we shall save that for another time. They also seem to possess less hitting power but make up for this with some very unique tricky tricks.

All in all a fairly standard, standard stats for a Ret heavy Jack except -1SPD and +1 Armor and two medium powered attacks, one with reach and both open fists. Its real focal point is that not only is it just 7 points but it’s special weapon; the Runespear cannon a RNG 10 POW 12 weapon that lowers the magic defense of the model hit by 2. Some good potential combo abilities with battle mages, magisters, Rahn and the like.

With stats Identical to the Sphinx, it also uses 2 similar POW weapons with the exception they are both magical and blessed. Along with the open fists this gives him a lot of potential in terms of both tasks and targets. His ranged weapon is a RNG 10, POW 12 and moves figures within 2″ of it’s target towards the target. More movement shenanigans to add to the already impressive tally in the Scyrah arsenal.

Now here is my personal favorite of the bunch. With a bunch of abilities that make him very interesting. First no models can cast spells or give/receive orders within 5″ of him. His swords are POW 17 and 14 respectively with grievous wounds. His ranged weapon is what makes him shine. RNG 12 and POW 14 and slams its targets D3″. Now not only is this a good RNG and fairly powerful weapon but it ONLY slams D3 so not only do you get the POW 14 and knockdown on hit but because the movement effect is shorter, even if the dice rolls high you have a lot more scope to follow up on the knockdown.

Model Wise they are looking great, sufficiently different from the Shyeel jacks whilst still being recognizable as a myrmidon and a coherent part of the retribution army. The weapons and heads (the main interchangeable parts) look funky and differentiate the the different types nicely.

All in all a welcome addition to the Retribution force bringing some great new elements to the table and some new awesome models. The Banshee and Sphinx will definitely see some table time with me but at the moment the Daemon fails to inspire me. Still it is early days and we shall see what happens and what people can come up with!

What do you think to the new wrath jacks? Will they replace the good old Phoenix and co?


2 thoughts on “Christmas comes early for Scyrah – House Vyre Myrmidons

    • Indeed it is! You can potentially set up a horrible spell assassination with Rahn and his chums. He can though, like a lot of cheap jacks, be overshadowed by his more powerful cousins that are only a few points more.

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