How time flies! – Whelpslayer one month on.

Today marks 1 month since I started whelpslayer and as I sit back on reflect on how things have gone I can’t say I’m disappointed. But where do we go from here? Well the night my friends, is still young.

I’ve never blogged before and only been a sporadic user of forums so I went into this not knowing what to expect. I set myself the target of 1000 views by the end of the first month and as I write this the counter currently stands at 1300+ with a host of positive feedback from both online and offline source, friends and strangers. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I started the blog primarily as a way to voice my thoughts on the hobby, comparing it to others as well as an exercise in reflection and writing (also a way to kill an abundance of spare time but shhhh). I have genuinely enjoyed writing for the site, something I never really thought I’d be in to. But either way it has been an enriching experience.

Already I’ve met quite a lot of very interesting people and like I said the feedback has been excellent. I suppose the one thing I have to work on is getting more comments and initiating discussion but thats one me to write more interesting and involving articles. That aside I would like to thank each and every one of you that reads my meagre writings and especially those that take the time to comment, follow and visit again.

I am currently away at the family’s place for Xmas so untill I return home towards the new year I’m afraid the articles may be lacking a little bit for which I apologise. However I will be more then making up for it come 2012 where you’ll be able to see more of:

– Walls Ahead, Rubble Behind: My continuing attemps to get ready for the UK Hardcore circuit in March.

– Arcanika Rising: Painting, modelling and playing my new Scyrah force.

– Waaagh Buzzkill: The continuing adventures of Kommadore Buzzkill around a variety of warhammer 40k tournaments and events.

– Sons of the Angel: Alot of talk about preheresy around my gaming group so I’ll probably be dragged into it (not reluctantly I should add). Thinking of using this to revisit the blood angels, my first real army. Tempus fugitives have released a brilliant rules pack which we will be using. So if you’re into warhammer 30k watch this space!

– A large variety of modelling, painting, tactics, and general hobby discussion!

– And MOST importantly….I will get that artwork done for the header. Watermelon cat you have served admirably but times are changing!

On that though, you guys have had time to see how things work and what I get up to. Is there anything you would like to see me do/write about? Any suggestions to improve the site or my articles? I’m all ears!

So once again thanks a lot guys. meet back here November 14th 2012 and we’ll see how far we’ve gotten then!


Let me know what you think!

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