Christmas Beatings to you all!

Nothing much To report on at the moment as I’ve been at the family’s place and working a fair bit over the past week but I did want to draw some attention to Forgeworld’s New preheresy Predator that is severly tempting especially as I just got paid the other day!

I started out when The old style Rhinos and predators were still being used. I still remember my first was the newly released Baal Predator. In this regard the style does have alot of sentimental value for me and I love the way they’ve re-imagined this classic style and brought it to the new, chunkier, more imposing Rhino chassis. The price is not too bad; only £10 more then a normal predator kit, so when you think that its £10 for chapter rhino doors and in this case you get a lot more bang for your buck. In any case I’m sold on it and when I come round to getting my preheresy stuff together I’d love to pick one or two up. Perhaps convert them to Baal variants but we shall see!

On the same note if you haven’t already seen it the rhino is also very pleasing for the same reasons!

Otherwise I really Haven’t done much with wargaming apart from reading more of the horus heresy series. I have been looking into my potential pre-heresy army as I have been TOLD to participate in the upcoming campaign this year….not that I’m going to complain. I have always wanted to do one and take part in one of the tempus fugitives weekends.

As I’m going to go into this with more concern for the fluff then being competitive I’m trying to research which of the armours would be best with Blood Angels. I LOVE the MK4 so there will be plenty of that but I would like use a mix of all the marks to make each brother stand out but not too much. In any case When I find something I like you guys wil be the first to know about it.

For anyone interested in the Tempus Fugitives Heresy rules or just want to know what the hell I’m Talking about you can find the PDF here.

So in the last few days before christmas I doubt I’ll be writing much but expect plenty after new year! Until then my friends I hope you all have a very merry christmas! Hope you guys get some good prezies and have some fun with those most important to you. Tis the season after all!


Let me know what you think!

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