New Year means new Shenanigans!

The holiday hiatus is over. Mince pies and assorted niceties have been digested, a fun time was had on new years eve and most importantly I still remember it all!

So to all you readers Happy New Year, I hope it brings good things for all of you! So what have I been up to since the last post? Well in all fairness not much but slowly getting back into the groove.

Some new toys to usher in the new year! Acquired over the holidays. Another battlewagon and nobz as well as 3 mantic raptors for my orks. I went for the Raptors in the end as they were a lot cheaper then the kromlech ones and it doesnt look like orks will get any releases this year!

I also pickled up 2 of the new pre-heresy rhinos, some Blood angels etched brass, Bolters and some sanguinary guard (for bits) for my BAs. A bit strange not to start with the models I know but I just love those rhinos sooo much, I’ll be getting some armour packs within the next few weeks!

Nothing warmachine wise but then again I’ve got mostly everything I need at the moment, they need painting more then anything else, which is why….

AIRBRUSH. Oh yes I’m looking forward to getting to grips with this baby. I think My Khador will be the first to get blasted with Ret and Blood angels to follow.

Toys aside what would a new years be without some resolutions we may/may not adhere to? I’ll spare you the personal ones but heres my 2012 wargaming resolutions!

1) Keep writing

I have really enjoyed writing this blog, its proved to be very motivational and enriching for my hobby. Its keeping me interested and keeping me working so for as long as I can I’ll keep whelpslayer alive 😉

2) Get painting

I started my orks out with the idea of getting them painted up quickly so I could do events and not have to play with unpainted figs. The dipping scheme has been a great success and although my other models I want to put more time and effort in it has helped my motivation to get it done! Current target is 50pts of Khador for march!

3) Play more games, attend more events.

I have gotten a good groove going towards the end of last year playing good solid games at least twice a week and I need to keep this up! For enjoyment as well as improving myself as a player. I also want to attend more events, play new and interesting people and generally just get around what is a fantastic gaming community!

So lets hope I can hold to these! for sure the want to write about it for you guys is a definite   motivator!

As a final note I would Like to welcome Psythu to the blog. A great friend of mine and I can tell you he’s one hell of a hobbyist; a great player and an amazing scratch builder. He’s rediscovering his hobby after quite the time away so check out the first article he wrote, leave him some nice comments and get him motivated to do more!

We shall see what 2012 brings! as per usual comments and such below if you feel like it and remember; If the Mayans were any good at predicting stuff they’d still be around!


Let me know what you think!

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