Pimp My Warbuggy – Warpath Marauder Raptor unboxing.

A while ago I did a post on Warbuggies. I needed 3 for my Orks and suddenly there was more choice then simply the games workshop model that made me want to scream “unclean!” every time I saw it, followed by scrubbing myself down in the shower.

I had 3 choices the: Kromlech Desert Raider, the Mantic Marauder or the rumored January GW release for orks including a new buggy. It turned out that as much as I did like the Kromlech buggy it’s about £30 so WAY too expensive and the GW release rumours were just a fart in the wind.

So when Mantic turned around and said I could have 3 Raptors for £30 including delivery how could I refuse?

I really like the idea of a 3 wheeled buggy and the thoughts of Jeremy Clarkson driving a Reliant Robin around Sheffield only reinforced the idea that this would be a hilarious vehicle for an ork to drive! I ordered these on the 26th of December and got them on Wednesday the 4th so considering xmas holidays and such thats pretty speedy! Also I don’t think these have been released in the shops yet.

So without further ado lets get these boys unboxed!

Anyone who has seen a Mantic product before knows that it doesn’t come in your standard  cardboard box or plastic blister but in a plastic “book” shaped container very reminiscent of trading card game box sets.

Whilst this does provide good protection to the bits inside the practical side of me does wonder why such packaging is needed. When you are finished with a GW or PP box it just goes straight into the recycling but this type of plastic can’t even be reused as far as I’m aware. Other uses may be found for it once you’ve removed the parts but all in all I can’t help but feel it’s a bit over the top and wastefull. I would imagine It costs Mantic a fair bit too. Maybe there is a reason they do it but I for one can’t fathom it, if you have an idea please voice it in the comments section!

Enough about recycling you guys came here to here about the tasty tasty plastic so here we go. The pieces are clean and off sprue however there is a lot of warp on many of the pieces. Anyone who has worked with resin before knows that this is sadly the way it is so I had to break out the hot water to straighten the majority of the elements out  Mold lines are minimal and those that exist are easily removed. The detail is not as sharp as GW or PP but this is not a bad thing given the theme of the model.

The kits itself is very simplistic and but is not easy to assemble. The keys are not very tight so a certain amount of patience was required when glueing so as to assure that things did not slip whilst drying and that the elements were properly lined up. There is a minimal amount of pieces which may seem alien to a lot of warhammer players (I’m looking at you Trukk kit).

All in all the fact that there were fewer pieces was countered by the warp issue on a lot of them so assembly still took longer then it should of. Not the end of the world by any means but something to bear in mind when you start assembling the little devils.

I can say that despite the difficulty assembling it, the raptor is a very good model and will look right at home with my orks. It’s got that nice ramshackle, could break apart at anytime appearance but at the same time looks beefy, very loud and very killy. Just how orks like it. I’ll stick a few glyphs and such on just because but the model looks at home in the ork range without any major modifications.

The one exception to this rule is the gunner who is not great but I intend to replace him with a gunner from the battlewagon or trukk sprue. The gun itself is perfect for a twin linked rokkit launcher which I intend to run them with.Painting wise it should be fun detail enough to have some fun with but not so much as to get fiddly as well as lots of armour plates and recesses for the dip to pick up on.


The Raptor is a good piece of kit, despite certain moulding faults it is that cheap and effective that it really doesn’t matter. Any 40k player, infact mostly any wargamer will tell you that £30 for 3 vehilcles is an absolute steal. I’m really pleased with them and I have no doubt they will serve Da Kommador well!

There you go guys, If you have an ork army and want some buggies I highly recommend you get in on the multiple deal whilst you can. If you have any questions about the kit just leave a comment bellow and I’ll be sure to answer it!


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