Honey I shrunk the Winterguard – Winterguard conversions

First of all sorry for the lack of posts guys, Its been a pretty busy January but sadly not so much in hobbying. Work and other assorted niceties have kept me away from the brush but I have managed to get a few things done.

I’ve had a good few games with the new steamroller 2012 pack so look for a few posts concerning that and how I need to adapt my Khador to the scenarios and rules! In the mean time I have some new winterguard to show!

I picked up my airbrush a week or so ago and have been happily spraying away, practising with paints and techniques until I’m comfortable with using proper models (I’m just using the AOBR space marines at the moment. It’s going pretty well and I think I’ll be able to start using it within the week.

So in preperation for this I was going through my khador decided what I wanted to paint first and I though…Winterguard. One of my favourite units and the one I’ve played the most games with. The only problem is that when I bought them I thought: “well these are ok, not the best models ever but they will do the job”. I retract that statement.

Once I sat down and started contemplating how I wanted to paint them I quickly realised that these models must be some of the worst I have ever seen. Out of scale, bad detail, horrible poses, anatomical errors…the list goes on. Long storey short I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I know this sounds a bit harsh but trust me, see them in front of you and you’ll see what I mean.

Then I started thinking, well, why not convert them? I know warmachine isn’t a game where conversion heavy armies are generally seen compared to warhammer but why not give it a go? So I looked at IG valhallans and a few other options but nothing really had the right feel. Then I saw the winterguard rifle corps. Nice models and very easy to convert to infantry in theory so I had a quick look on Ebay and found a box for £15 with P&P. At that price theres no reason not to give it a go!

So I picked up the box and set about chopping them up yesterday. All in all a very easy job yet very effective. I simply cut the end off the barrel and drilled out part of the gun to put the tip further back. I was contemplating using brass rod to make the barrel but it looked fine without. I also shortened the stock where I could and removed the ironsight. The result was a very shotgun looking weapon, maybe not as large a barrel as you would expect from a blunderbuss but I never was one for its aesthetics and I love the shotgun/axe style. You don’t get more Russianesque (that one won’t be in the dictionary) then that.

I even managed to convert the UA and weapon attachment. The officer is finished but I still need to find a banner for the standard bearer and I’m contemplating just using the one for my current winterguard UA. The rocketeer is now more of a rifle-grenadier, I used plasticard tubing and green stuff as well as parts from the rocketeer model and the result is great!

I’ll need to buy one more box to finish the unit but they seem to go for pretty cheap (as people favour infantry) so I should be able to find another bargain soon enough. I’ll also be able to sell of my old winterguard models and recup a lot of that money. Once they’re done it’s off to the paint station!

Hope you like em guys let me know what you think and if you have any ideas on how to improve them and if you have any ideas for the standard!


Let me know what you think!

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