So due to work picking up and having some more spare cash around I managed to snag one of the few remaining tickets for SmogCon.

What is SmogCon? It’s the first “american” style warmachine convention in the UK! So normally it should be 3 days of warmachine fun! Very nerdy but you gotta love it 😉

Smogcon is at the end of Feb down at Firestorm games in Cardiff. Never been down that neck of the woods before but I’ve heard Firestorm have a great venue and I’ve always got very good service when dealing with them so looking forward to visiting.

Quite a few events being held including an open game area and painting sessions. I’ve signed up for the 30pts doubles with my mate Elliot and the 35pts steamroller. May take part in some other events but we shall see what is available on the day.

I will of course be taking by Khador and probably using them for the competitive events but  I hope I can have some Ret ready to go for some smaller fun games. Going to have a think on some lists and I may post them up later.

Otherwise I’ll have my trusty camera with me so I’ll be sure to get plenty of pics and maybe do a mini report or something after, for you, the good people of the internet.

Any of you guys going? ANything you’d like to see from this kind of event and what are your experiences with these type of events? (for our american readers!)


4 thoughts on “SmogCon!

  1. I would have had liked to go but it is just a little bit of a stretch to get there from Germany. Instead it is off to the Irish Masters in March.

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