And all of a sudden…bloodbowl…everywhere….

So after a big clearout I was given an Orc bloodbowl team by a friend who got out of the hobby years ago. I’ve always wanted to play the game as it looks awesome fun but never got round to it…well now I don’t have a choice it seems!

I compared most of the models with those available on the GW website and from what I can tell I’ve got quite a large variety of orcs & goblins as well as special characters. However I am not familiar at all with the rules of the game so if people could clue me in on what I have and what I can do with it I’d be very grateful!

I know a load of people play BB on thursday nights so I’ll saunder down there this week and try to get a demo game in. Excite!

So what do you say guys? Any blood bowl savvy chaps willing to give me a rundown of what I’ve got here? Cheers!


5 thoughts on “And all of a sudden…bloodbowl…everywhere….

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    • Ah I thought Goblins could be in Orc teams? Either way it’s all good, I can always pick up a few more things if need be.

      And yes I wouldn’t mind mate if you have the time 😉 Like I said I’ve never played before so I don;t know what to expect. I know what orcs are like but apart from that pretty clueless.

      • First pic, left to right, from the front:

        Black Orc, Varag Ghoulchewer, Black Orc.
        Blitzer, Blitzer, Blitzer,
        Thrower (assuming that’s a ball in his hand, otherwise he’s a Blitzer), Lineman, Lineman,
        Lineman, Lineman, Lineman.

        Second pic:

        Goblin, Goblin, Goblin, Goblin,
        Fungus the Loon, Bomber Dribblesnot, Troll star player Bolgrot (who’d be fine as a basic Troll too),
        Nobbla Blackwort, Scrappa Sorehead, back end of the troll.

        That’s an Orc team with added gobbo star players. You’ll be able to just put down all the Orcs except Varag and have a basic team. The only thing you might want is a fourth Blitzer and a second Thrower in place of two of the linemen, but that’ll restrict your access to star players and rerolls. If you’re playing a league, you’re better with basic players + rerolls + fans + an apothecary over star players, but for one-off games, just put down what looks like fun.

        • Awesome stuff cheers for that pal! I’m slowly discovering the game and even found a little local league so no doubt this will prove valuable. Thanks!

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