Reinforcements have arrived kommander…

So I return with tidings! My apologies guys for the lack of fresh material recently, I’ve been pretty busy with work and lifes other little joys and most of my free time has gone into preparing for Smogcon! On this subject I do have a few little things to show so lets get to it!

My Khador have received quite the boost recently in the run up to smogcon. I found some good deals which aided this but in the run up to my first warmachine event I was compelled to purchase some of the little things I’ve been after for a while.

First of we have the infamous Nyss Hunters accompanied by the stoic Kaptain Valachev. Long time a favourite amongst Khador players they sync well with a lot of our casters and much like the WGDS they are resilient, versatile and pack a heavy punch. Valachev is in himself a great addition to the Nyss with Zephyr, making them much more mobile but his greatest ability is to make them faction models allowing them to synergise even more with the army by allowing them to be effected by the likes of Irusks feat, signs and portents, etcetc. I’ve played a few games with them already and they have already proven to be an excellent buy! On a side note though these are possibly some of the most annoying models to assemble I have ever seen. Really bad joints or in the case of the accessories none whatsoever. I pinned every piece to the body as otherwise I could not see them surviving. I also really dislike the original heads and so have replaced them with bare Dark Eldar heads from the GW range. Now that all is said and done they are nice and solid and look very good so it was worth it!

Next up is the lovely lady of Khador; Forward Kommander Sorscha and my completed winterguard infantry conversions. eSorscha is a caster I’ve been wanting to try out for quite some time as I started playing the game with her prime incarnation and am still a fan of her to this day. A very interesting spell list as well as a feat that can devastate the opposing army is going to make for a fun caster to learn. The winterguard of course need no introduction. I managed to pick up another cheap box of riflemen to finish the entire unit, complete with UA and WAs. The only change is that I decided not to keep with just the shortened barrels but drilled further back into the gun and replaced the barrel with a thicker bit of tubing. I’m very pleased with the result as it gives a very thick, blunderbuss appearance. As it turns out I didn’t spend any more money then I did on the standard WG models and I now have a unit I’m not ashamed to look at! x)

Finally we have Black Ivan and 3 merc conversions of Eiryss, Harlan Versh and Wyshnalyrr. I liked the look of Ivan when wrath came out and I’ve been hearing very good things about him since then and since I had a Destroyer that I never used (from the starter battlegroup) I decided to give him a go. The model was quite fun to convert, I tired to make it a bit more like the artwork by cutting and twisting the arms and now I look forward to getting him on the board. Harlan is made from the Witchhunter form the Avatars of War range and the original Harlan’s sword. Already a fantastic model on its own he makes a kickass Harlan. I did some looking through the malifaux range and came up with the last 2 models. The first is a December Acolyte who makes a fantastic manhunter looking Eiryss. The last is Rasputina who will be a greylord(ish) stand in for Wyshnalyrr. Once again a great model that fits in well with the rest of the army. Wyshnalyrr was one of the best new toys for Khador to come out of wrath, he is such a boost to many of our casters, including eSorscha who I predict he will see a lot of table time with.

Otherwise the preparations for Smogcon continue, later on this week I’ll post up some of the lists I hope to take and maybe we can get some discussion going on them.


2 thoughts on “Reinforcements have arrived kommander…

  1. Nothing like getting new toys.

    If your anything like me, you’ll wait until you’ve got about 72 hours until game time to start prepping stuffs.
    I…can’t recommend that, actually.

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