Walls ahead, Rubble Behind – SmogCon Lists.

SmogCon is under a week away and as such so is my first ever Warmachine event and what an event to kick off with! Its looking like it’s going to be a boat load of fun, reall looking forward to it! I do however need to finalise the lists I plan on taking as so far I’ll be playing in the 35pts steamroller and the 15pts doubles. I will of course be using the boys in red (although they wont be painted in time so more boys in silver and brown).

First up the 15pts doubles. I’ll be entering this event with my friend Elliot Kimpton who will be playing Skorne. He will be running this Rasheth list.

Dominar Rasheth
* Basilisk Krea
* Bronzeback Titan
* Titan Gladiator

3 warbeasts, so plenty of fury and a good support caster. I will be taking this list alongside it.

Forward Kommander Sorscha
Min Winterguard Infantry
*1 Rocketeer
Kovnik Joe

I’ll be providing the infantry to support the heavy warbeasts as well as models for Rasheth to arc spells through if need be. Sorscha is still very new to me but I look forward to getting her on the table. Along with a great range of spells to support the rest of the army she is also a very credible assassin with cyclone. Her feat (Double damage after armour reduction) along with Rasheth’s (-2arm, -2str) means that for one turn every model in the army can take down a heavy target without breaking a sweat. If we can position right it will allow us to take the advantage in heavies and after that close the noose. Winterguard are of course experts in clearing opposing infantry and although we only have one unit of infantry compared to the possible 2 others may have, Sorscha can once again step up and shut down one of those units with freezing grip and Wyshnalyrrs boosts.

The only thing I would consider doing to this list at the moment is finding a way to drop 2 points and making it a max unit of WG. I could do this by either dropping Wyshnalyrr or loosing the spriggan and a rocketeer to replace them with a Devastator. I want to hold on to Wyshnalyrr as it makes Sorscha so much more focus efficient and effective. Along the same line the Spriggan is much more effective, but is it worth the 4 extra bodies? I’ll try and get some practice games in with it and see how it works.

Next the 35pts steamroller. Standard 2012 steamroller setup so 2 lists. The 3 casters I’m most comfortable with at the moment are pIrusk, pButcher and pVlad. I have others but I don’t think I’ve had enough practice with them. pIrusk is a no brainer as he is the caster I’ve had the most experience with, my go to guy. After that I would like to take Vlad as I’ve grown quite fond of him recently and he is different in the sense that he is not a IF caster, very offensive orientated whos feat and S&P is not to be underestimated. As much as I think this can offset IF, currently I have played more games with IF then without so I’m not totally used to not having super high def infantry yet as strange as that sounds.

With this in mind these are the 2 lists I have in mind:

Kommandant Irusk
* Black Ivan
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Harlan Versh, Illuminated One
10 Kayazy Assassins
* Kayazy Underboss
10 Nyss Hunters
* Koldun Kapitan Valachev

Vladimir, The Dark Prince
* Behemoth
* Spriggan
* War Dog
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
10 Winter Guard Infantry
* Winter Guard Officer & Standard
* 2 Winter Guard Rocketeers

A good old Irusk List how I like it, High def infantry with some utility and heavy hitting backup. The biggest difference is that I’ve taken Nyss in the place of winterguard as I wanted Vlad to have them instead for reasons I will explain later. In the mean time Irusk gets 2 very strong infantry units that can benefit from IF but also they are both solid in CC so will both benefit from Battle Lust, a spell I use very rarely in 50pts where I need Irusk to power multiple jacks but at this lower level I expect him to have a lot more focus to hand, especially with Wyshnalyrr tagging along. Heavy hitting comes in the form of Black Ivan, a very solid jack I’ve discovered who can perform at range, up close and with superiority is very durable at DEF 14 and ARM 21, as well as the Great Bears. Harlan provides magical attacks as well as dealing with tough upkeep units.

Vlad is a bit of a wildcard list for me. I’ve been playing him a lot recently but still nowhere near as much as Irusk so I’m still learning a lot of his tricks. I wanted him to take 2 heavies to maximise his feat so Big B and a spriggan will give him plenty of hitting power and under S&P it makes them very reliable. The winterguard seem out of place in this list and I did think long and hard before switching them over but I felt that they would be better off here as they have more bodies to shield the jacks, they can clear infantry better then the other 2 units which makes up for the fact there is only 1 unit in this force. Another important factor for me is that I’m still finding timed turns hard to work around with the WG and all the spray rolls so having them in this list where they are the only big unit will put less pressure on my clock. Finally they are fairly resilient even without IF with DEF 14 and Tough. A&H are there for the magic attacks if needed and to maximise damage against units with harm.

Both these lists will be using min Iron fang pikemen + UA for their reinforcements. IFP are a fast moving unit with reach and their mini feat and have enough hitting power to be a serious threat.

Finally the last component of these lists…me! It’s my first big event so naturally I’m a bit nervous but also pretty psyched. I’ve not gotten as many test games as I’d like but I know what I’m doing with my army. I feel my biggest weakness is that I’m not very familiar with some of the factions; ones like Cygnar, Menoth, Trolls, Minions I have little to no experience so I fully expect to be caught out by some sneaky tricks. I’m trying to rectify this by looking through all the books to at least know what everyones feats do and reading lots of battle reports but theres no substitute for the real thing so I expect to be brought low at some point. I’m still confident never the less and if I could qualify for the masters I’d be very happy but I’ll take it as far as I can so wish me luck!

Really looking forward to this event, it looks like the organisers have really gone above and beyond with the preparations. Lets hope my preparations measure up to it! I’d seriously appreciate any comments on the lists or any advice you can give me guys and I will be sure to let you all know how it turns out!


2 thoughts on “Walls ahead, Rubble Behind – SmogCon Lists.

  1. Good luck!
    Don’t forget to take pics, and try to remember stuffs for batreps.
    May you crush all before you, and failing that (I always do), have a good time (I always do).

    • Hehe don’t worry I’ll have my trusty notebook and camera with me so I wont miss a beat 😉 I will try to get plenty of coverage for the event as a whole too!

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