SmogCon Report – Part III: Conclusion.

And so ended the first SmogCon and in such the first event of its kind in the UK, but where has it left us and where do we go next? Well theres only one way to go: Onward and upwards my friends!

Personally It was my first Warmachine event and wow what a way to start. I think what marked me most was the sense of community that was there, everyone knew everyone and there were no cliques or the like forming, everyone was very open and happy to chat with anyone about the hobby. This reflected in the games as well, we all knew what was at stake yet never did I see someones stress/temper get the better of them and disputes were resolved cordially with no hard feelings especially true during own games where all of my opponents were true gents.

The organizers themselves should be proud, they managed a truly heroic effort which made this first time convention run as smoothy as possible and in all honesty I can’t find any slight with their organization, they ran a tight ship and it showed.

So where can we go next time? Well there is definitely room to make things even better, notably a bigger event. There were about 90 or so attendants this year but they can go bigger, they can draw more enthusiastic hobbyists to it and really make it the event of the year for the UK scene. As i mentioned before I think Firestorm needs to spruce up their venue a bit but otherwise they should be able to accommodate us next year however I do have my doubts. We were already fairly snug space wise, nothing bad but just not much leeway and depending on how many more the organizers want to take on next year Firestorm may not be the best choice, we may be looking at moving into a convention centre. Either way I hope Firestorm stay on board as they were great hosts this year and from what I can gather gave the team a lot of support.

I’ve been involved in conventions before (more specifically video/lan gaming ones) and I can tell you guys this much: The true measure of success for this type of event is not that people come for the tournaments, but they come for the people. That they make the trip to meet up with old friends and make new ones all round a great wargaming experience. When we get there people we will truly have a national event to be proud of.

Thanks for reading the reports guys, feedback is always appreciated as per usual and If this has caught your interest I suggest you seriously look into attending next year. I can promise you it will be worth it.


Let me know what you think!

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