Part 3 of my SmogCon report will be up soon but in the meantime I wanted to  shout out for a new site that was officially announced last. The brainchild of the same guys that brought us SmogCon, they started out Livestreaming Vassal games and have now created a full site aimed at being a real centre of the community.

The site only debuted a day ago but there are already quite a few people behind it, myself included. It looks great and is very user friendly with some very interesting articles and videos already in place covering vassal battle reports to painting guides to event reports.

The US scene has long had some great community sites including the likes of Bell of lost Souls, Blood of Kittens, 3++ and this amalgamation of knowledge produces better, more informed players (in most cases, trolls not withstanding!), reinforces a sense of community and promotes local events and tournaments which at the end of the day is what its all about. I’m hoping that Steamforged can do this over here, really bring the UK Warmachine community together and make it something bigger and better and most importantly…more axe to face.

You can find the website over here.

as well as their TwitchTV channel for the vassal games.

So make sure you check em out guys and GET INVOLVED!


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