Back in black…with some Yellow


Yes I have been absent a while, shall we say quite a while even but all in a good cause I can assure you! For the past 2 weeks I have been working my butt off getting a shop in sheffield up and running, what kind of shop you may ask? Well a Wargames store of course! Ladies and gentlemen welcome to The Outpost.

Mr Chris Murdoch is the brains behind this one and up until last weekend I’ve been helping him and a few other friends turn an old accountants office from zero to gaming hero. Chris has really gone all in with this one and a lot of time and money has been put into this endeavour to give Sheffield a premier game store.

Now to set the record straight yes I am working there and it’s a great thing for me as it ties in perfectly with my other work commitments but this post is not about advertising, it’s about community. Finally Sheffield has a place that we can call our own. There have always been a few places such as the GW and a club or two but nothing that accurately represented the great calibre of gamers we have here in Sheffield.

The store is fully stocked with GW, PP and Spartan game ranges with hopefully many more to come and upstairs we have a LUSH (yes I’m going to use that word, I should know how good it is I helped make it) with an array of tables, great terrain and space to chill out.

The turnout so far has been great and people are loving it, it has rekindled the wargaming flame in many people and that my friends is the best result you can get, something really inspiring. I know this seems a lot of praise to lavish on a shop, especially one that has already opened but these places are the pillar or our community, something Sheffield has been sorely lacking for as long as I’ve lived here. It’s also fascinating, for someone who has always come into an established community, to witness the creation and take an active part in it.

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Either way I intend to throw my lot in here, one obviously because I work there (and get a bitching staff discount :D) but also because I want to play my part in my community as I firmly believe it is what makes this hobby what it is. We’ve had a massive imflux of new warmachine players so I’ll be running a Journeyman League starting next week, watch this space for more info on that, I’ll be taking part and having a go at hordes!

So if you’re in or near Sheffield and want somewhere to play, or even just somewhere different to play then please come down and check it out, me or one of the other guys will show you around and I can promise you won’t be disappointed.


Let me know what you think!

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