Frontlines – A Tale of Journeymen.

So the influx of Warmahordes players down at the new game store has been so overwhelming that, along with The Outpost, I decided to put together a Journeyman league!

A journeyman League Is a slow grow campaign where players will take their chosen faction from battlebox all the way up to 35 points, getting in plenty of games along the way!

The event lasts 6 weeks and each week brings with is a new set of rules so as to ensure a steady growth of forces and allow new players to integrate all the new rules at a comfortable pace. Players will be able to earn points through gaming but also through painting and modelling so all you brush thralls out there better get cracking!

The League is free to enter and we will be providing official Privateer Press prize support so all those involved can have something to show for their efforts as well as a great new army to play with. We will also be running two tournaments during this time which will follow the league’s progression so players can get a taste of competitive Warmachine.

It all kicks off this Sunday the 9th of April down a The Outpost in Sheffield. There are no dedicated gaming nights just come down whenever you feel like it and get to it! Thursdays are generally the busiest nights so if you’re free then come down and you’re more or less guaranteed to get a game.

A full rules pack is available, just click on the banner above to access it.

And for all those taking part just remember: Page 5 and PLAY LIKE YOU’VE GOT A PAIR.


2 thoughts on “Frontlines – A Tale of Journeymen.

    • I can’t argue with that pal and I do apologise if you can’t make it because of it but the amount of new players has been so overwhelming that we had to rush in lest we miss the boat. If you are interested in joining still then you can drop into it whenever you please.

      Long storey short hopefully future events won’t be so rushed so you’ll get plenty of notice.

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