For Queen and Country!

So one of the first new ranges we got down at the shop was Dystopian wars, something I’ve seen around at Maelstrom a few times but never looked too closely at.

After getting a better feel of it me and a few of the lads have picked up some naval battlegroups.

I of course picked up the English (of course!) as I really liked the look of the ships; Whats that? The tower of London on a dreadnought? I’m in! and of course they’re steampunk Victorian English so <3. I did like the look of the French as the Napoleonic theme was really interesting and the models are lovely (like most in the range) but in the end I opted for the more patriotic option!

At the moment I’m uber busy with Orks getting ready for an event next weekend so I’ve had a minimal amount of time to devote to this but from the little I’ve played the rules set is really quick and fun, lots of dice are rolled and there are nautical puns a gogo! I look forward to playing this more and getting some cool terrain made for it.

I must mention the models are truly exquisite with a level of detail so far unseen in models this size, and I’m talking minute stuff here like portholes, crew doors and rivets. It makes for truly exciting models you want to paint and play with. They don;t cost an arm or a leg either compared to other games in this scale so that helps a lot too!

I think I may get my colleagues to do a tale of 4 gamers style report if we have the time but so far no promises. Either way when I’ve checked it out more I’ll be sure to report back!

J. Out



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