Bringing most massive destruction.

Along with others from the aforementioned journeyman league and thanks to a rather tasty discount I now get I decided to have a play around with something new. I’ve been wanting to try hordes for a while but none of the main factions really attracted me apart form Minions. Maybe it was the cool models, the rules or the fact that they are still an evolving faction and not many people play them but whatever it was, they sure looked fun 😉

Originally I was thinking gators but the after then the dice gods intervened (and by that I mean me and a friend rolled for it) and pigs it was! This was in no way a deterrence for me and I quickly embraced my new piggy affinity by ordering the equivalent of their battle box that was Lord Carver, a War Hog and 2 Gun Boars.


Carver: Straight out the blister I knew I was going to like this model. His pose is really fitting for a warlock and the king of the pigs. He was missing a set of shoulder spikes so I used some from a chaos rhino which I think turned out really well and I like the look of the staggered shoulder pads.

I was inspired by the story in the minions book when the farrow fight the gatormen and went for mucky, muddy, swamp themed bases. I removed the flat central section of the base and stuck a circle of plasticard underneath so I could build up with milliput and water effect. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it comes out. I’m going to repeat it on all my warlocks, beasts and other solos.

Gun Boar: The model is a bit static and I was a bit disappointed that the firing arm is moulded on in a way that I was unable to change it but overall I still like it (who doesn’t like the idea of a man-pig with a giant gun) and with a bit of positioning I was able to make both of them look a bit different.

War Hog: We affectionately named him Pig-God, I love this model, he’s so hench, theres nothing more I can say about him just such an awesome, chunky imposing model.


I’ve had a few games to start to get to grips with not only a new army but a new system, fury is radically different to focus and learning all the tricks to it is by no means an easy feat and I feel I still haven’t seen all of it. it gves you a lot more freedom in your early turn, you juts have to make sure that by the time you hand over to your opponent you’ve got to have your affairs in order. I love being able to use my caster to their full potential and ll their beasts too, really changes the way you play.

I took carver for a beatstick and I wasn’t mistaken. I didn’t rate him at first but I realize now that I was looking him from a warmachine point of view. In this case he may of been a bit lackluster but with fury…hes one hell of a beatstick. Batten down the hatches I also underestimated, that +3 ARM really makes all the difference even with the negatives to DEF. in small games having ARM 20 light beasts has proven a big hindrance to opponents. The anti knockdown also great, some would say situational but I think it saves you from a lot more threats then you’re aware of. Mobility makes your beasts like the war hog, who really is a brute for his points, a lot more options on the battlefield. Quagmire is an awesome spell, so far I’ve only used it on the warthog or Carver so things are easier to hit but with infantry I can see it being even more effective. Finally Rift, now I have a feeling that this is a spell whose merits will become more evident with time, ok power AOE blast but the rough terrain is what makes this spell worth its fury cost.  All in all I’m really impressed by my first warlock and I can’t wait to crank up the points and see what else he can do!

Now for the beasts, first up the gun board and once again, yes you guessed it, I underestimated it. Notice a theme here? Needless to say on paper he looks a bit lack luster but he does have his uses, his gun isn’t too bad and his animus is pretty solid in certain situations, they also make good fury batteries and transfer targets.  In small games he’s done well in softening and tying up targets for carver and the War Hog and with ARM20 under BDTH he’s quite resilient. Those two open fists also give him a lot of options. On a jack his stats and weapon just wouldn’t make him worth it but as he provides his own “focus” this element of self sufficient and the animus really bring him back, don’t get me wrong he’s not perfect but I feel he has his purpose.

Now the War Hog, I’ve only had good things to say about him and i won’t stop here. For 8pts I think he’s a bargain. Good solid stats for a heavy along with 3 basic attacks, two with power 16 and one 15 with crit knockdown. He can force for +2STR which makes him hit like a train. With buffs he becomes SPD 6 and MAT8 which make him a real terror. His animus seems a bit weak at first, only trig erring off your first charge attack and all but I’ve actually managed to pull off a pretty tricky charge with him by bouncing him off a smaller, weaker model and along with overtake from carver it gives you a potential 3″ of extra movement if you use it correctly. All in all I’m a fan and want to see what else I can get him into!


So there we go, really liking my little foray into hordes and can’t wait to get stuck back into the league next week when i’m back home. It’ll be week 3 then so 25 points and I’m thinking this:

Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III
*Gun Boar
*Gun Boar
*War Hog
– Targ

10 Farrow Brigands
Farrow Razorback

Really impressed by beasts so I’m looking forward to adding infantry, something that is normally my main element in warmachine, to see how they work together as well as more options for Carver’s spells and feat.

And of course, more pigs!

Anyways guys until then let me know what you think, if you’ve got any tips for hordes or Farrow in particular and if you’ve recently had some fun trying something new! 


Let me know what you think!

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