Frontlines: Immoren Burns – From the other side of the scoreboard.

Today we’ll have a look at a slightly more unusual sort or tournament report, this time coming not form playing it, but form making it all happen! Frontlines was the first tournament I’ve ever organized and run and wow what a learning experience. I’ve certainly got a lot to talk about so lets get to it.

The Idea

So I’ve been wanting to run an event for a while after attending a few great ones. Sheffield has a lot of great players around and with the Outpost opening we’ve gained a great venue so I wanted to start running events that got the community involved, having fun and meting new people. What the hobby is all about to be honest.

It started out with organizing the Frontlines Journeyman campaign which provided a lot of the new players converting form other systems time to explore the system and get to grips with unfamiliar mechanics. The league was a great hit with everyone playing loads of games and getting some great models painted, but we’ll talk about that some other time. The steamroller was an event to mark the end or the journeyman and give people a real taste of competitive warmahordes play.


I messed around with a few different ideas but in the end settled on a 2 list 35 point steam roller format. 35 points was the end points level of the journeyman so it made sense that e play at that scale. I included the 2 list requirement as I felt that the mind games, bluff and double bluff aspect of the list selection phase was a very important and interesting part or warmahordes events that I wanted the newer players to experience. So as not to exclude those who didn’t have enough models it was not compulsory to play with both lists (Ie. write a bogus list and just play the one you had). We also used time turns with variable game length. Once again it was something I wanted the newer players to get was the rush of being under the clock and never know when the end of game axe was going to fall. It did catch a few people out at first but they quickly got used to it and all said they enjoyed it. To not make it as demanding I made the turn lengths 10 mins. Otherwise everything was as per the Steamroller 2012 pack.


Now this section was a lot more difficult then anticipated. I wrote up the rules pack and did a poster for the event and made them available through the blog, the stores FB page and TWF as well as the forums of some other local clubs however I feel like I didn’t get the word out enough, something I’ll definitely have to work on next time. If you guys have any suggestions then feel free to slot them in as comments below. We also had a slight problem with some people not reading the rules pack so will definitely have to enforce that on them next time. I’m thinking taking an email address and sending them the pack when they sign up. In the end though we had a comfortable amount of players.


The biggest part of this was helping the store build all the terrain from scratch. We made out a big list of everything we needed for all the tables and just ground it out over the course of a few weeks. Special thanks here to Gaz, Warren, Aren, Dan and Mike who bore the brunt of the work and without whom we wouldn’t of had the great boards we did! In the end I managed to get everything sorted for the day, the only thing I forgot was the scenario objective marker zones which we bashed out on the morning itself so no harm done. I did have a few good pointers here from other which allowed me to catch the majority of potential slip ups so for those of you who chipped in thank you 😉


The event itself went really well. We were on time all through the day and even finished early, people were happy with the lunch we provided (we’ll be doing that again for sure) and most importantly a load of warmahordes got played. The bottom line is that everyone went away happy saying that they enjoyed themselves and would be back for more. Some great games were had, with some very close plays and in the end the winners were ranked on CPs as all 3 won the same number of games!

Of note I went into it planning to run it on my own however on the day I was helped out by Mr. Myers (first name Mike) and he literally saved my life as I’m not sure how I would of got it all done when I was required on the games floor most of the time so a big shout out to him for that and lesson learned: always bring a minion!


I got some good feedback from the event. One or two things some were unhappy about but these were mainly:

Timed turns/random game length calculation: Mostly an error on my part. As I said I upped the turn length to make it easier on people however when calculating the random game length I used the 10 minute extension time (5mins) instead of the 7 minute time (3mins) which was what I had based the standard game length off (if you don’t get that don’t worry, I didn’t either at first!). Now its not a lot of difference but it caught some people out and could of made a difference in some games and I apologize for that but I started the event with those rules so I finished it with them.

Strength of schedule: I didn’t use this but it could of made a big difference to the tables as some pointed out. I’ll be reading up on it for the next tournament with the idea of implementing it.

Otherwise everyone was pretty happy. If you did attend have something to say then please by all means let me know and if you’ve read something in this article you think I could improve on then do the same.


I’m very happy with how things went. As my first time organising everything went according to plan and everyone had fun which is what counts. We only had 10 players in the end but this was a blessing in disguise seeing as it made things a lot easier but next time I’m wanting to make it bigger and better!

It looks like we’ll be running another one on the 30th of June, a week or so before the ETC so I’m thinking of making it 50pts 1 list so people can get some practice in. Let me know what you guys think.

Otherwise Its been a very interesting experience being on the other side of the scoreboard and its very rewarding in itself knowing that you’ve made this happen and a lot of people had fun because of it. But I think the best part is knowing that you’ve done something for the group, that you’ve furthered the cause so to speak, that the hobby and your local player base are better off for it. Im genuinely wanting to invest in this aspect and I feel events like these better us as a community.

As per usual guys comments are greatly appreciated but even more so here as its the best way to make these events better!

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Let me know what you think!

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