Sheffield Honour Guard

The more you play wargames the more you realize that the thing that really drives our hobby isn’t the models, the rules or the companies behind them; its the players. Without others Ideas aren’t discussed,projects aren’t encouraged or nutured and games just don’t happen.

I like the idea in investing in the community and the Sheffield one has been coming on leaps and bounds recently so I felt that it was about time we had an online presence!

Enter Sheffield Honour Guard. A entity created by friends a while ago that we’ve kept alive ever since and kind of resurrected now. I modeled up a new logo and had a friend render it (as you can see above) and oh boy did he do a good job. The symbol is a important thing for a group and with an awesome one like this we can’t go far wrong 😉

The Site is currently built on the weebly platform as its free, looks good and functions nicely….and did I mention its free? It’s far from perfect, the forum system especially is very basic but will do for now. If this takes off (and I hope it does!) we can see about getting something more snazzy in the future.

what will make or break this is that this is a community website so it will only get better if people all invest in it. The initial response has been very encouraging and if it keeps going we have nothing to fear. so if you are a local or even live nearby or play in Sheffield or whatever be sure to check it out!

you can even see the full animated logo 😉

Long live SHG and may it serve us well.


Let me know what you think!

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