Painted log – Dystopian wars

Well after a long holiday abroad I’m back in the fore and I wanted to seriously kick my painting up a notch since my return hence behold my first painted log! (see what I did there?). Now in all honesty this is as much a motivator for me as it is a substantial provider of pretty (at least I hop so) models for you to look at!

I hope to put one of these up every 2 weeks just to show what I’ve been up to as well as to make sure I put the time into getting al these models done. Comments and critique are welcome as always and I hope to see a good progression in quality as time wears on.

So without further ado the first subject will be… Dystopian Wars! Or more precisely my Kingdom of Brittanica East india Trading co. fleet.

Tried out my color scheme Idea on a ruler class battleship and some attacker class frigates. I wanted something that was nice and british but that stood out from the crowd as well being easy to paint. The green and red color scheme you see here is what came to mind and was partially inspired by JT-Y’s 5th border legion color scheme, not exactly similar models but I loved the way the rich green and bright red worked together and fortunately this effect worked on these smaller scale ships.

All done with Wargames foundry colors (now my favorite paints) along with some citadel and vallejo washes and a healthy dose of Army painter strong tone wash, which is like devlan mud on crack.

So there you are guys hope you like them feel free to comment below and keep your eyes peeled for much more to come in the future.


2 thoughts on “Painted log – Dystopian wars

  1. The shading looks nice, though I first thought “dirty yellow/gold”. I think the light washed out some of the color. Glad to hear from ya again, hope the holiday was nice.

    • yes the gold is a lot more toned down bronze, sadly the pics don’t fully do it justice but there will be plenty more and ill get em right next time 😉

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