UK Masters Final – Directors Cut [Video]

So recently passed was the UK masters event, the finals of which saw Jamie Perkins (Khador) Take on Andrew Galea (Trollbloods). Needless to say the game was very interesting and captured in its entirety by the good chaps over at SteamForged which then had a commentary added to it by the players themselves.

Well worth a watch this video gives you a small insight into how high end games work and theres a lot for budding Warmahordes commanders to learn here including: nullifying units through clever deployment, Gauging threats, ingenious use of special rules and my personal favorite: When your plan goes tits up, soldiering through and finding a way around it.

You can find the youtube video HERE 

On a side note if you haven’t already please go take a look at Andrew’s site; Rankings HQ. Andrew has done loads for this community and this site is part of that. It tracks rankings for players in multiple countries but also hosts blogs, guides and other assorted wargaming niceties!

Lets not forget SteamForged too, these guys keep going from strength to strength with a wealth of Warmachine articles and will soon be launching a kickstarter for their new development project so keep an eye on that!

So there you go guys, have a look around and I hope you learn something!



Let me know what you think!

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