Fun, Quick and Dirty III

Fast quick and Dirty is a 1 Day,  tournament run by Team Octopi in Stockport. As the name implies it revolves around quick, brutal games and to this end its got an unusual format of 3x20pts lists. This seemed like a great little format to me and it was relatively cheap to enter and travel to so I rounded up a few of the local lads and got tickets !

So its 3 lists at 20 points, character restrictions but ALSO your FA allowance is shared across all 3 lists. It was 5 games over the course of the day where you had to use each list once in the first 3 games then discard one and use each list once in the last two. A full rundown of the event can be found HERE.

Obviously playing at such a small points level is a whole different kettle of fish to the standard 35 and 50 point games we are used to. This is infact more reminiscent of the battlebox games most of us started out with. Of course it opens up a whole different range of tactics and army compositions. The shared FA also mixes things up and means that each list should be quite unique in its composition.

So I’ve been thinking about what I want to take and I’ve already got a fair few lists jotted down to playtest but in all fairness I think it’s not the what you take that is the first thing I need to think of but the how, as in, how will it all interact ? At this points level theres a lot less models on the table and with this fact certain models, especially warcasters, gain or loose a lot of effectiveness.

My initial thoughts is that casters that can get up close and personal whilst supporting the few models on the board will see a lot of use. Assassination casters or those that facilitate assassination runs will be on the cards for sure, especially as the event scores games W10, D1, L0 so no need to worry about drawing out a game for more CPs or VPs. I think in general as the points limit goes down the overall impact (most) warcasters have on the game goes up as there are less threats for them to worry about and as the model count descends the amount of damage and utility/disruption they can put out becomes a lot more significant. For example: eSorscha, in a 50points game where the enemy may have 2 or 3 units, her crippling grasp spell is excellent but still leaves you a lot to handle. In small games when the enemy only has one unit, if you can keep that unit permanently frozen then you’ve effectively removed almost half their army from the game!

This is, in my opinion just the start of things to consider and is a very interesting exercise in different ways to play Warmachine, one of the reasons I’m excited about this event! I’ve got a fair few lists written up and intend to give them all a good play testing before the event. I’ve got some of my classic casters in there Like pVlad and pIrusk but I’m also very interested in the likes of strakov, eVlad and other less sen Khador casters. I’ve even considered taking the Pigs but I’m worried about fury generation and their FA limitations being a hindrance. Never the less they will get their turn to shine in test games and who knows they may surprise me but this is a conversation for another article where I can share the lists I’ve tried, what I thought of them and ultimately what faction I’ll use.

What do you guys think about a tournament of this format? What sort of gameplay do you think you’d adapt? What kind of lists would you take?


3 thoughts on “Fun, Quick and Dirty III

  1. Fun, Quick and Dirty is always a laugh; I’ve been to the last two. First one left me a bit grumpy, second one was awesome, really up for the third one.

    I’m definitely bringing Skorne, and I’m thinking three quite different, quite wacky lists. The urge to bring Morghoul, three Titans and a Feralgeist for one of them is very, very strong, largely because I think it’ll be hilarious to run.

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