Painted Log II

So another few weeks have gone by and this is what I’ve got: More boats (sans hoes) and a great big russian robot!

So I painted up some more small class ships as a late entry for the Spartan games July painting competition .

BASTION Class Escorts (cos I’m fed up of being boarded)

ATTACKER Class Frigates

This months theme is mediums and flyers so I think my first port (little nautical joke for you there) of call will be my new Agincourt class gunships and some Merlin Light interceptors.  would also like to do some tiny flyers and my Illustrious class Sky Fortress!

And finally, not painted but its a big job to build:

My new toy the Conquest! I’ve had a few games so far and really liking him! Took some time to make a nice base for him and assemble him properly/green stuff any gaps so when he (eventually) makes it to the painting table he should look pretty awesome!

Hopefully going to try getting Iron Fang pikemen painted this month, pVlad and hopefully a Jack too, possibly Behemoth.


Let me know what you think!

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