Painted Log III

The past couple of weeks I’ve been quite busy with work, holiday abroad, insert random excuse for being a lazy bugger here BUT all in all I’ve managed to get a fair bit done so here we go.

So first of all, after over a year of collecting them I have FINALLY finished a Khador model! (to my great shame) However I am very happy with the results and fingers crossed this is a style/colour scheme I can stick with.

I have min unit of IFP nearly done then on to a jack, probably behemoth and just got to keep rolling it out!

Before doing Vlad I made a push to get all my British naval done for Dystopian wars and suprisingly got it all done! Including Tribal class cruisers which I’m unsure I’ll even ever use as they are slightly lack luster.

So that leaves just my air and maybe land to do when I get some. Not a bad start! But for now I want to concentrate on Khador in the hopes of being painted for my next tournament.


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