FQD III – More dirty then fast!

One day, 5 games, 20 points. very fast and very dirty. Perfect Warmachine atmosphere! Was a bit of a rollercoaster of a day, being my return to tournament gaming after so long. It was really enjoyable, a great day but it did bring up just how rusty I am and how much I need to up my game for future events! Anyways on to the games!

I gave these lists quite a lot of thought and after trying a lot of casters I settled on a fairly standard choice of lists.

Kommandant Irusk – WJ: +6
– Black Ivan: 10

Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator: 1
Kayazy Assassins – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Kayazy Assassin Underboss: 2

Great Bears of Gallowswood – Volkov, Kolsk, Yarovich: 5Good old Irusk, rock solid on paper and a deft hand with his gun. Otherwise a standard Iron flesh Kayazay unit that you can jam into the enemy and feat to hold them there. Black Ivan is hard to shift with defense 14 under superiority and Great bears are for extra hitting power and counter charging.

Kommander Sorscha – WJ: +5
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker: 2
– Behemoth: 13

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich: 2
Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard: 2

This list is built around making that one unit in the opposing force stationary the entire game through Sorschas feat and freezing grip spell whilst setting up for an assassination run. Behemoth is a great ranged assassination option if you can freeze the enemy caster as well as being your all around heavy killer. Not much to say about winter guard, they are great all round and the lack of Iron flesh is countered by fog of war and Sorscha just stopping the enemy in their tracks.

Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Prince – WJ: +5
– War Dog: 1
– Spriggan: 10

Harlan Versh, Illuminated One: 2
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters – Cylena & 9 Grunts: 10
– Koldun Kapitan Valachev: 2

Ah good old Vlad, a great support caster with his feat and signs & portents but when he needs to get his hands dirty he can dish out the pain. The spriggan is a fantastic jack’ for Vlad and the Nyss under S&P are awesome. An all round fast and heavy hitting list at both melee and range.

I tried out a fair few other lists and combos before settling on these including eVlad and Strakov but at the end of the day didn’t feel as comfortable with them as I did with these lists.

The Venue.
We set off early for Stockport, passing through the obligatory McDonalds for breakfast before arriving. The place war fairly easy to find and as we’d arrived before opening we just chatted and messed about outside as people started turning up. The inside was BIG, a lot of tables and plenty of space. First thing that struck me was how COLD it was inside and it took a while but eventually it warmed up and I was able to take the coat off without my hands shaking so much I couldn’t roll dice. There seemed to be a nice variety of terrain and space between boards to put trays/carses/cards etcetc. Now I have to say the place wasn’t the prettiest, quite rough round the edges especially the toilets. Now maybe I’m just biased because of the number of events I’ve attended at Maelstrom but at the end of the day its on the tables you spend most of your time so thats what counts and the staff were very friendly and helpful so all in all a good venue.

The event was run by Jamie Perkins and after a short wait due to late arrivals we cracked on with the first game!

NOTE: I left my notepad at home with all my adversaries names in, I’ll edit this once I’m back from my work trip.

Game 1
pSorscha vs pIrusk (khador)

So for the first game we were faced with a Khador off. James had pIrusk, eSorscha and eVlad. Faced with Fellow Khador and knowing I was going to be against high def infantry I decided on pSorscha whilst James went for pIrusk.

Kommandant Irusk
* Juggernaut
Great Bears of Gallowswood
6 Iron Fang Pikemen
* Black Dragon Officer & Standard
6 Kayazy Assassins
* Kayazy Underboss

I Got the first turn and charged up the table with the winterguard in the centre and Behemoth off to the left opposite the iron fangs and Juggernaut. Sorscha stayed central mingling with the winterguard. James also ran up to meet me in the centre and minifeated with his IFP and Iron Fleshed them.

This is where I thought I could start locking the IFP out of the game whilst I dealt with the Kayazay who were behind a wood so wouldn’t get more then 2 or 3 models into the WG next turn. First mistake of the game I moved Sorscha up to freezing grip the IFP. I decided to boost the hit and forgo wind rush as I would be perfectly safe with the IFP stationary. What I didn’t realize is that the Black Dragon’s mini feat not only gives +4ARM but also makes you immune to stationary and knockdown and so Sorscha got stuck at at the frontline on 1 focus…doh! I had to jam the winter guard a lot further up then I wanted to to cover her and even then I feared that she may go down, especially if a Battle lusted IFP got into her. James moved up as he could, engaging a lot of my winter guard with IFP and Kayazay but because of some poor dice rolls could only kill two.

I knew I needed to feat this turn but as I hadn’t been punished for my previous mistake I was still in the running. The only thing that would stop me was another big mistake…which is what I promptly did. I moved Sorscha first and feared but james pointed out that I hadn’t faced her correctly and as such only freeze part of the targets I wanted. I panicked as I now had 3 Kayazay with back strikes on her and moved onto spraying with the winter guard in an attempt to clear all the kayazay. by the time I was done there was about 4 IFP and 3 Kayazay left however I then realized I’d totally forgot to wind rush out -_- Great. At this point I knew it was over without a miracle.

James of course saw this blatant opportunity and clearing the few models he needed to charge and applied a juggernaut and Great Bears to Sorscha and that was all she wrote. A bit of a stinker for a first game and it reminded me just how rusty I was with tournament play. I resolved to move on and try not to mess up on that scale again.

Game 2 – Matt Golligher
pIrusk Vs Kaelyssa (Retribution)

Game 2 was against a good club mate of mine, a very good ret player and it’s always an uphill struggle whenever we play. He’d beaten me the last 2 games we played so wasn’t feeling to confident about this one as I knew which list I was going to play against and It’s a tough one.

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper
* Phoenix

10 Dawnguard Invictors
* Invictor Officer & Standard
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Ghost Sniper

So Phoenix is a sick jack any day of the week. Invictors are awesome at range and when they have flank can easily eat high def infantry. Coupled with Eiryss doing her usual thing and the sniper picking off solos his list is a royal pain in the ass even with out kaelyssas feat. Basically it means I can’t just run up, feat and then ill stuff. It generally means I need to survive 2 turns before I can really get stuck into him. As I said this was the list I expected and I feared pVlad getting shot off the table so I gave it to pIrusk and stealthed kayazay to try and conquer it.

The game started well, I read towards him and took very few casualties as the kayazay managed to engage his front line. I also managed to maneuver the great bears and Ivan so as to really threaten the Phoenix so it couldn’t move up too far, keeping it stuck in the middle of the invictors so it couldn’t ignite without burning a good number of his own troops. I felt quite confident but this is sadly where the game turned. His Invictors managed to clear a good number of kayazay with a combination of flank and some good rolls and Eiryss kept Black Ivan shut down for most of the game as I failed to kill her. The feat meant I had to charge a kayazay with my great bears in order to get hits on the phoenix but as the kayazay stubbornly refused to die I only got 3 hits on the phoenix and although I took out a lot of the systems it was still up therefor still giving the invitors flank who promptly murdered  the great bears.

It was just a case of mopping up the remaining kayazay after that before assassinating Irusk who had moved up in a last ditch attempt to get some APs. A resounding defeat and I think I didn’t even take half the Invictors off the board netting me nil points. In retrospect I really didn’t think things out before they begun. I didn’t manage Iron flesh well enough to keep the kayazay alive and I should of used Irusk more aggressively to kill Eiryss and the sniper turn 2 with airburst. Another big mistake one turn was forgetting to move the underboss therefor denying 2 kayazay command range who couldn’t free strike as they were promptly riddled with bullets, even more reason to get stuff painted so I don’t forget they’re there. Less a game of mistakes this time and more a failure to recognize and evaluate threats.

Game 3 
pVlad vs eFeora (Menoth)

Game 3 and to be honest I was feeling a bit sorry for myself but I was determined to get my  score back u[p and go 3-2 at least so with that in mind I went into this game with a grim determination. My last list was pVlad and I drew against eFeora, a matchup I’ve had many times before with my mate Dan so I was feeling pretty god about this one.

Feora, Protector of the Flame
* Reckoner
* Redeemer

4 Choir of Menoth
5 Exemplar Bastions
Vassal of Menoth

Now I usually play against eFeora with a unit of Zealots in order to absorb a redeemer shot without dying so Feora can spread the fire. I could only assume that the Bastions were taking this role with their high armor to stop them taking the blast damage but with potentially only 5 fire markers on the table to redistribute I reckoned the Nyss hunters would be fairly safe and just have to deal with scattering AOEs.

I won first turn and deployed centrally with my spriggan on the right and Vlad behind the nyss. My opponent pt his bastions on the right with his jacks/suppoer/warcaster on the left. I felt I had been a bit too aggressive the past 2 games so I decided to advance slightly more cautiously just putting my Nyss hunters toes into the zone so I could play on my superior range next turn. My opponent advanced up and scattered some Aoes around but failed to deviate onto any Nyss.

I advanced Vlad up slightly casting S&P. Versh moved up again along the left and started to nail choir members but missed his second shot. I moved the nyss up into a good range and with S&P up proceeded to take about 2/3 of the bastions health off. The spriggan advanced up behind waiting for his chance to dash forward under the feat. My opponent rand the bastions to engage 4 Nyss and the reckoner tried for an assault shot on Vlad, I thought I’d made a big mistake (just cast wind wall next time Jamie!)  but luckily it missed and was the perfect range for the spriggan to get it next turn. The redeemer managed to kill 2 Nyss this turn so I was fairly happy. eFeora advanced up slightly and tried to kill verse but missed with the choir and the vassal gave the reckoner an ancillary attack which crushed a Nyss.

I had all the cards on my side this turn with the bastions nearly dead and the reckoner within charge range of the Spriggan but spoilt it by rushing too much and not allocating Focus to the Spriggan…one face palm moment later and I decided to go for it anyways as I needed the Spriggan to at least distract the reckoner so I feated and cast S&P keeping Vlad within charge range of the reckoner (12in under BoK for me, max 11inches for him) so he could finish the reckoner off next turn. The Nyss zephyred about and charged into the Bastions, Valachev had been killed by Fire at the beginning of my turn so sadly they didn’t get S&P but it wasn’t really needed at this point they killed the vassal and 4 of Bastions. The spriggan charged across and rolled a spectacular 16 for its charge attack, If I had rolled a 3-5 for location I stood a good chance of surviving the counter attack but sadly only rolled a 1 and it only lost its gun and movement.

My opponent Loaded up his reckoner, cast ignite, battled it and when the dust settled the spriggan had survived with 1 HP! The lone bastion killed a Nyss and the redeemer continued to chip away at the unit killing 2. The spriggan, despite its miraculous survival, was now next ti useless but still shifted round to allow vlad the charge and took a bit more damage off the reckoner. The last nyss failed to kill the final bastion although did kill a choir member. Versh swung his sword at Feora and took a good chunk f health off thanks to his additional dice from upkeep spells on targets. Vlad cracked his knuckles, cast BoK and charged the reckoner, totaling it with his initial attacks.

I was aware that Vlad was in position to get charged by feora however at def 18 and arm 22 I didn’t think he was in too much danger without amazing dice, my opponent obviously thought the same, blasting very away with fire step whilst nipping around to kill Celeyna whilst shielded by the redeemer who had charged the Spriggan to finish it off. I think he misjudged just how far Vlad can go under Blood of Kings and next turn he nipped round the side to (just) get in contact with her and killed her in 3 hits.

Now it wasn’t the hardest fought victory I’ve ever had however another silly mistake nearly took it all away. As we broke for lunch I really tried to get my head in the zone to avoid further mistakes and keep the 3-2 goal in mind.

Game 4 
pIrusk Vs lAsphyxious (Cryx)

So after a quick pie and chipsI dived back into the 4th game against Cryx. Now my opponent had the lGaspy list and a pGorshade list. I thought he’d go for the lGaspy list just to better deal with my high def infantry and It turns out I was right. I chose pIrusk as he rarely lets me down against Cryx.

Asphyxious the Hellbringer

* Vociferon
* Nightmare

10 Mechanithralls
10 Mechanithralls
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls

My opponent deployed his caster centrally with Nightmare and thralls either side. I put my kayazay centrally with Black Ivan to the left and the Great Bears following up the Kayazay. With superiority and Iron flesh cast I moved my force up cautiously as my opponent belted it up the board, intermingling the stitch thralls with the mechanithralls as he cast his upkeeps.

I saw a chance to start putting a dent in the horde so up kept both my spells and after taking a reload from reinholdt started my second turn with irusk who feated and moved up to cast an airburst which killed 5 thralls and shot two more dead with his gun. Not a bad tally for one turn! Black Ivan put a bombard shell into the masses and killed another 4 as the Kayazay ran to engage the thralls. My opponent messed up his focus allocation, not keeping enough for a Hexblast so had to settle with just carnage. After casting his spells he brought some of the thralls back before pilling them forward into the kayazay in an attempt to kill as many as possible but on DEF19 only managed to hit one who passed his tough.

I saw a chance with gaspy stood too close to the front lines and decided to take it, going for a win rather then waiting on SPs and APs. I dropped both spells and gave 1 to Ivan who blasted apart some more thralls to get some more points. Irusk cast Battle lust on the Kayazay who minifeated and 4 of them charged Gaspy and promptly 2 shotted him.

At the end of this one I was just pleased I hadn’t made any mistakes and gotten the assassination off without a hitch!

Game 5
pVlad Vs Mordikaar (Skorne)

I went into the final game very optimistic, I was very close to going positive in my win-loss ratio and I had my main man Vlad as my final caster. I came to face up against the Skorne list that had beaten my club mate Matt the first round. I wasn’t super familiar with this caster but looking at the lists I knew I had an edge with S&P.

Void Seer Mordikaar
* Archidon
* Titan Gladiator

10 Nihilators
Void Spirit

I got the first turn and put my Nyss forward into the scoring zone, following up with the rest of my force. My opponent did very much the same as we faced of fairly squarely, he had his titan and void spirit opposite my spriggan and the Archidon on the other flank. I started strong, casting S&P and proceeded no put down most of the Nihilators before zephyring back out of threat range. My opponent brought 4 of them back with his abundance of soul tokens and feated then piled them into me but only two were in range and they missed. I zephyred around out of combat and continued to hammer the Skorne bezerkers, taking them down to a man (who was hidden at the back) as the spriggan dashed across the table to kill the Gladiator.

At this point I was supremely confident in a win, having only lost 1 model and my opponent only having 4 left on the board so was kinda shocked at what happened next. He flew the Archidon across the board and essence blasted him into Vlad causing a large amount of damage and then the void spirit, which turned out to be a LOT harder then I gave it credit for, proceeded to finish him off. I was really disappointed but it was a great play by my opponent and my confidence really backfired here. Looking back I feel I could of survived had I been more knowledgeable about the caster but I was still very happy with the game and despite not getting the 3-2 I wanted it was a fitting end to the day.

Like I said in the intro, this event really brought back to me how rusty I am and how badly I’ve let my level of play slip the past few months. I finished 20th out of 32  and I can’t blame anything on the lists as I still defend they were very solid all the faults come from me and a mix of stupid mistakes and poor calls of judgement.

Now I can’t complain as I’ve been making a lot of advances with other things since my last event however it has motivated me to pick it back up and really hammer out some games to get my mojo back. This being said it was a great event with a scale of play that really changes how the standard game unfolds. Had loads of fun, was nice to meet new people and see others again and I will definitely be back next year!


Let me know what you think!

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