Frontlines 2 – Review and tips for running your own event!

The end of October saw the arrival of Frontlines 2 to The Outpost in Sheffield. It’s been a few months in the making and as my first time organizing an event like this it was a learning curve but in the end it turned out to be a great day! I thought I’d talk a bit about what we did, show you guys some photos and also give out some tips on how to run your own event like this!

Frontlines 2

So I set out to organize a 1 day, 32 player event and believe me it required a bit more work then you think but the result was well worth it! Despite the weather threatening to hold some back we had all but 1 person turn up and dispute starting slightly late we kept to schedule and everything went ahead as planned.

As threatened we streamed the event live on WhelpSlayerTV and it was quite successful so I plan on streaming a lot more in the future so keep an eye on that page! I would advise anyone running an event to try streaming, its great press for your event and it’s a real step forward for the community.

Overall people seemed really impressed with the event and the great venue that is The Outpost. We had some great tables and terrain laid out, we tried to challenge people with the terrain by setting out some more interesting and/or challenging boards, some people liked this, some didn’t but none could deny it did challenge how some played and made for a more interesting fight then just two armies slugging it out in the center.

Of course we had some victors by the end of the day so congratulations to our top 3, those who won the Golden Thrall painting event, the best in faction players and in fact everyone who participated the day could not of been a success without you all.

I would like to particularly like to thank Dr. Norbert for his amazing help and advice with getting the project up and running. Massive thanks to Myke Myers for assisting me with all the scoring and data entry during the event and all around just being a legend! Jamie Perkins, Dan Cunningham and others for all the support and advice as well as The Outpost with all its staff who put in so much effort to create a top class venue!

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Top 5 tips for running your own events!

Now I’ve said it enough but events are the lifeblood of our community as well as an essential part of the game. What I’d like to do here is give you a few tips on inning an event and encourage you to do so! Big or small events bring in new players and empowers local gaming groups. By no means is it always easy but like I said before doing something like this for your community is very empowering and rewarding.

Now I ran a 1 day, 32 player event, SR2012 event but no matter what size of event you run I hope these tips will help you!

1. The best laid plans of men and mice.

Now this one seems simple but you really need to go all out when it comes to preparing your event. Along with all the obvious things make sure you know what scenarios you’re playing, what the random game length will be for each round so you can properly plan out you schedule. This was especially important for me as with 5x50point games in one day we needed to run a very tight ship in order to finish the event before it got too late.

2. Thou Shalt never walk alone.

Another benefit of being part of such a great community is there are plenty of people who have done this before and are more then willing to help any way they can. My event would of been nowhere near as good without the help of Dr.Norbert. If there was an award for contributions to the hobby this guy would win it, he helped me with every aspect of the event and I recommend contacting him (he’s on TWF) if you have any questions regarding your own event. Also on the day enlist a trusty companion to help you, you don’t want to have to be the one doing the judging/organsing/inputting/etcetc all on your own!

3. Pimp my ride.

Sell, sell, sell. Get your event out amongst the masses through any means you can. Every little helps form a catchy name to a poster, forum posts etcetc. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help again, I’m really grateful to all the podcasters who mentioned Frontlines on their shows and it brought more people in for certain.

4. The devil is in the detail.

Seriously any little thing you can add to enrich the players experience is worth it and this ranges from the obvious things like providing good quality boards to absurd things such as cakes, no word of a lie FQD (see one of my previous blog entries) is famous for the cakes made by the wife of one of the people who organize it, it seems strange but believe me people come for the cakes as well as the gaming!

5. Know thy enemy.

Now I’m not saying that your players are the enemy but you need to know what they want and expect from an event. Put your mindset into theirs when considering the likes of when you should hold the event, what format you should use and others. I specifically chose the dates for FL2 as I knew there were a lot of tournament players coming so it was essential that my event didn’t clash with another big one. Originally I started out with a hardcore painting requirement but ended up removing it as too many people didn’t have painted armies. It’s a shame but you need to do these things sometimes to ensure success. I intend to hold one or two more baseline painting events before enforcing the hardcore and hopefully by then the locals will be all painted up (they better!)

I hope you guys have learned a bit from this and I especially hope you now feel like trying to run your own event! To reiterate its great for your local community and is very rewarding in itself! So give it a go and see what you can do, if you need any help or more tips feel free to contact me, I’d be happy to help.

Until next time guys.


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