2014 – Year of The Whelp.

I know what you’re thinking; the year of the dragon was two years ago, I’m a bit late to the party…and you’d be right, but bear with me for a moment.

So this blog has been dormant for a long time. So long you’re probably wondering why this alert has popped up in your feed but I assure you it is not one of the ghosts of Christmas making a slightly late appearance but I’m firing up the old proverbial dragon slaying grimoire again in order to bring some more written pandemonium and ramblings to your screens!

So a LOT has changed since my last posts, most notably I have once again expatriated myself to France, for work and relationship reasons originally but life does throw you some curve balls sometimes (I’ll spare you all the tedium of the whole storey) and it wasn’t long before I found myself receiving a very unique offer…


So I now find myself working for Victoria Game, the recently founded official French distributor of Privateer Press products. Warmachine and Hordes was a very small game in the French community (compared to the GW juggernaut of course). It was well liked by those who played it but the lack of French rules put the majority of prospective players off.

Enter VG a small firm dedicated to launching the game on the French market. After a lot of hard work both rulebooks are now out in French and things are really taking off over here.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to fall into a job I like so much and its presented me with a host of unique opportunities and resources I could only of dreamed of before and let me tell you my friends I have plans, big plans to put it all to good use!

 Back in business

So with all of this ongoing why the blog? Well I’ve always enjoyed writing for the site and given my new situation I have quite a lot more to talk about on top of the fact that now things in life are more stable (and especially require a lot less travelling!) I can really get back into my gaming instead of just organising or sidelining. I’m already in preparation for the 2014 WM/H season so you can expect to see a fair bit about that.

Hopefully I can also branch out a bit into other subjects that I never had time to before such as Malifaux and Infinity but also things like boars games and other hobby subjects.

In any case expect a lot of activity and hopefully some good material (if I haven’t lost my touch too much that is!).


Let me know what you think!

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