Back to WarmaHordes…but with a slight twist.

Hey people, hope you all had a fun this summer and now that the bad weather is slowly seeping back in (or at least it is in Paris) we can get back to some wargames without feeling guilty that we’re missing out on the Sun!

So I got some disappointing (for me anyway) news during the holiday season. After starting my Khador army, my painter has landed a big contract, which means he won’t be able to finish them until well into next year. Can’t hold it against him as it’s a huge score for his business. However, as many models are already finished and I really don’t want to have to strip them in order to finish it myself I’ve decided to wait it out.


I’ve been out of Warmachine for a few months now and haven’t being playing properly for over a year due to a mix of personal and professional reasons. Now I want back in. I miss the tournaments, the travelling, meeting new people and the shenanigans. That being said, I cannot do that over here without a fully painted army (fully painted tournaments being a cultural imperative over here) so I decided I couldn’t sit still and went for a change. Painting issue aside, this would give me something new and interesting to get my teeth back into WarmaHordes with.

Decided to go for a Hordes faction in order to really change it up. I tried out Circle but they did not feel…heavy enough for me. Must be a side effect of over exposure to Khador. Trolls didn’t inspire me, Everblight neither, but Skorne, well, as a faction I’ve always liked their aesthetics and ever since reading Makeda’s story I’ve really been digging them. Combined with the fact that the new Xerxis is rocking an awesome new wheelchair, I really like tyrant Zaadesh and that I wanted to play something with pleanty of beef so they presented a good case. I made up my mind and picked up enough models to field 2×35 points, which are currently under construction as we speak. I hope that I’ll get to start playing with them next week.

I’m going to document my progress with them, something I know I’ve said in the past and more or less failed due to time/work/family restraints, but things are different now. On that note you will notice many changes to the blog and its content over the next few months, but that’s a discussion for another post. That being said, I intend to stick to my guns this time. So you can count on seeing plenty of Skorne related stuff from now on 😉

Anyways TL:DR I’m going to be playing some Skorne now.

Peace out guys.

Let me know what you think!

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