Instruments of War – The Beginning.

Despite their plastic resin kits making me wanting to gouge my eyes out with a spray template, the Skorne are coming along well and hopefully will be ready for painting by the end of the week! I Thought I would quickly run through what’s on the way, see what you guys thought.

Voila the two 35 point lists, they are perhaps far from optimized but I based them off two factors: one was budget; I duplicated quite a few elements as you’ll see but I think they’ll work well in both cases. The other was I just wanted to take elements that I found fun/interesting. I know that you “need” a Zaal/Mordikaar/Hexy2 to deal with this, that and the other. No doubt, I will get to that sometime soon, but in the mean time, I wanted Makeda 3. So I took Makeda 3.

Master Tormentor Morghoul
– Bronzeback Titan
– Titan Gladiator

Tyrant Zaadesh
– Cyclops Savage
– Cyclops Savage

Cataphract Incindiarii (Max)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Min)

I have a lot of admiration for pMorghoul after playing a few battle box games with him and seeing him played at 50 points. I think out of all the “starter” casters, he must be the one that scales the best through all point levels (alongside pDenny and pKreoss). Simple, yet highly effective, I thought he would be the best place to start. Accompanied by the dynamic duo: a Titan Bronzeback and Gladiator, this should be more than enough for Morghoul to play around with.

Zaadesh could be considered quite an unorthodox choice for a starting model but I really love the guy. Both his model and his rules are great, plus he gives me the chance to use the Cyclops Savages from the battle box. Moreover, the turn they go into a target with Tag Team, Abuse and Enrage, well, it’s really going to ruin some poor sod’s day.

I wanted to take some sort of shooting element in the army and I think incindiarii are just fantastic. 9 points for 6, multi-wound, auto-fire models that can hold their own in melee too? Sign me up! My hope (best laid plans of mice and men) is that between them and Morghoul I should be able to deal with most infantry on the table at 35 points.

Makeda 3
– the Exalted Court
– Bronzeback Titan
– Titan Gladiator

Cataphract Incindiarii (Max)
Nihilators (Max)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Min)

Casters that are highly aggressive and can get the job done themselves like Mak3da, Butch3r, eStryker, etc are kind of a thing of mine. They require a certain play style that I enjoy and after reading through the Skull Island short story on her and with these great new models I just couldn’t resist Mak3da. I know people go for a much heavier beast contingent with her normally, but once again, it all comes down to the models I had available and I don’t think she’ll be found wanting with the dynamic duo following her about.

The Incindiarii are in there for exactly the same reasons as in morghoul: shooting, autofire, resistance. The Nihilators are something else, I love the looks and rules of these guys, I just had to get a unit in, plus nothing says “come and deal with me” much like Nihilators. To which Makeda then replies, “Thanks for that, me and this Bronzeback here are just going to Trainwreck/eliminator our way through your army now”. At least that’s what she should be saying, we’ll see how things work out 😉

Until the models are on the table it’s all pure speculation of course! All thoughts, comments, words of encouragement are always appreciated in the meantime 😉


3 thoughts on “Instruments of War – The Beginning.

  1. You should really, reaaaaally, consider a brute on that pMorghoul’s list. You can leave him on Zaadesh, just make sure he doesn’t die.

    +1 for Makeda 3. She’s a very fun caster to play.

    • Yeah I’ve been told exactly same thing elsewhere. I will seriously consider some defensive tech for him in my next round of purchases 😉

      I’ve heard about the efficacity of Mak3da + Savages on the feat turn so I’ll definitely be trying that out too!

      I’ll let you know how it all goes 😉

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