Robert E. Howard Conference


I had a great time today at the Robert E. Howard event at the <Derniere Bar Avant La Fin du Monde> in Paris.

I was helping with the event, mainly for the Conan boardgame which we were demoing all day. It also gave us the chance to introduce the game to a wider audience as well as taking questions about it. All in all people were very impressed and excited to get their hands on the real thing so good returns all around!

I liked Conan as a child, the carton was one of my favourites and the Schwarzenegger film is iconic for me. However it’s only since I started working on Conan: Hyborian Quests that I’ve really started to delve deeper into Howard’s world.

Upon closer inspection its easy to see why this man is at the very roots of the fantasy genre that’s loved by so many of us today. I challenge any of you who perceive Conan as just a simple refrigerator with muscles to sit down and read one of Howard’s works and not be moved by the sheer epicness of his saga or the depths of Howard’s wordsmithing.

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I was with great pleasure that I broadened my knowledge even further today, mostly thanks to Patrice Louinet, his encyclopaedic knowledge and his devotion to Howard’s works. Also present was Marcelo Anciano, the man behind Wandering Star publications. If Conan is as well known and respected nowadays, it’s largely thanks to him and his exhaustive efforts to assemble Howard’s manuscripts.

I also got to meet Gregory Manchess, the man behind the most recent illustrations of Conan. He has an amazing classic fantasy style that is just perfect for Howard’s worlds and gives them a whole new dimension. Artists like him bring everything to life for me, whether it be games, literature or otherwise. They are beacons of colour in a world that is otherwise black on white. I don’t think I can express the joy it had brought me over the years to see my favourite characters and worlds come to life.

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People like these are the ones that make everything we love possible. They are the unsung heroes of our generation, it was both an honour and a privilege to meet them and I hope we will get to work together again in the future.

Let me know what you think!

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