Warmachine Weekend 2012 Finals Video.

A real treat for you boys and girls, a fantastic video, with commentary, of the finals of this years Warmachine Weekend! Many thanks to Team Covenant for such fantastic video coverage, from all of us who couldn’t be there it’s great to see this kind of high level play move by move. Enjoy!

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UK Masters Final – Directors Cut [Video]

So recently passed was the UK masters event, the finals of which saw Jamie Perkins (Khador) Take on Andrew Galea (Trollbloods). Needless to say the game was very interesting and captured in its entirety by the good chaps over at SteamForged which then had a commentary added to it by the players themselves.

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Frontlines: Immoren Burns – From the other side of the scoreboard.

Today we’ll have a look at a slightly more unusual sort or tournament report, this time coming not form playing it, but form making it all happen! Frontlines was the first tournament I’ve ever organized and run and wow what a learning experience. I’ve certainly got a lot to talk about so lets get to it.

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WAAAGH – Open War 17

Along with a few other lads from sheffield I got the chance to pull out the 40k and take part in Open war 17 organised by the 1st Company Veterans down at Maelstrom Games.

It was a 1 day event, 3 games at 1750pts no restrictions. I took a standard Ghazghkull Battlewagon list. It was a good day, lots of fun and gave me a lot to reflect on for 40k in general. So lets get into it.

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Part 3 of my SmogCon report will be up soon but in the meantime I wanted to  shout out for a new site that was officially announced last. The brainchild of the same guys that brought us SmogCon, they started out Livestreaming Vassal games and have now created a full site aimed at being a real centre of the community.

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Facing down the Retribution – Irusk vs Ossyan

Here’s some Warmachine to stave off the torrent of Warhammer stuff I’ve been posting rencently (I’m sorry Dan!). Nothing major but I was down maelstrom this week and had a game against Retribution, my first game against them I might add and even though it was nothing major as the guy was just starting out with them I was eager to see what they were like, as you all know, I am in the process of building a Ret army myself. So I thought I’d do a very quick Battle report and then talk about what I though about my first encounter with the elves.

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