MCBD – A Journey to the East


So first of all, what exactly IS the MCBD ? I mean I’ve mentioned it multiple times under the header of “a special board gaming event in Korea” but that could be many things, so let me elaborate. The Korean board gaming market is fascinating, it’s full of some very bright and creative individuals that have started to turn their efforts to what is an emerging new market in their country. Rising 5 is just one of the great projects to be coming out of Korea and we’re certain to see many more over the coming years.

The MCBD or Master Class of Boardgame Design was an event meant to stimulate and titillate these new actors in the board gaming industry. Organised by our own Kevin of Mandoo Games, he secured an amazing location in Seoul before inviting industry professionals from all over the world to speak about their adventures and share their knowledge.

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KickStarter: Rise of the Kage


Sometimes I come across a game that I like not forcibly because its new or innovative but because it reminds me of good times past. Rise of the Kage is, once I got to know it, that kind of game for me. Now I’m not saying this game isn’t fresh, it its, and its got some very cool ideas to prove it but for me it just strikes a chord that I can’t ignore.

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Conan: The Legend – First Look

Conan Stage 1-Higher Res

For many of us Conan is a very familiar figure. Whether you were a fan of the books, comics, TV series, films or action figures, Conan was a very imposing figure for a lot of our generation. He’s the original Barbarian, an icon of the fantasy genre and no doubt Robert Howard’s greatest creation. However one thing though has always irked me as a tabletop gamer…is that I’ve never really found a Conan game that lived up to the image of the man that was undoubtedly found printed on the front of the box, usually decapitating some poor sod or standing triumphantly over the most recently recovered damsel. There has been a CCG and a board game but neither has ever inspired me with the raw and brutal atmosphere of the infamous Barbarian, his companions and their adventures in the Hyborian age.

Until now that is, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the guys from the newly formed Monolith studio who are hard at work on a miniature based boardgame designed to provide a Conanesque experience the likes of which you have never seen!

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