Painted Log II

So another few weeks have gone by and this is what I’ve got: More boats (sans hoes) and a great big russian robot!

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DiY: Recessed Bases

So I’ve been asked a lot recently how I did the bases for my Farrow so heres a quick step by step guide to making them yourself! Nothing complicated but they do look great and as we all know a good base can make or break a model. So read on fellows, read on…

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Bringing most massive destruction.

Along with others from the aforementioned journeyman league and thanks to a rather tasty discount I now get I decided to have a play around with something new. I’ve been wanting to try hordes for a while but none of the main factions really attracted me apart form Minions. Maybe it was the cool models, the rules or the fact that they are still an evolving faction and not many people play them but whatever it was, they sure looked fun ­čśë

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Part 3 of my SmogCon report will be up soon but in the meantime I wanted to  shout out for a new site that was officially announced last. The brainchild of the same guys that brought us SmogCon, they started out Livestreaming Vassal games and have now created a full site aimed at being a real centre of the community.

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JT-Y’s Khador for sale – Possibly the best paint job I have ever seen.

JT-Y was very polite to answer my questions about conversions during one of the last articles so I thought I’d return the favor and pimp this out for him.

Now, hand on my heart, this is my favorite paint job ever. It is just perfect in my eyes and if I can achieve even a fraction of the result on my own models I will be a very happy man! Also a fairly renowned force as it appeared on the PP Insider!

No surprise then that he is not going to let this go at a bargain price so be prepared to dish out some serious dosh if you want to get your hands on it. More photos after the break but you can find the original sale post here.

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Strutting your stuff Part.II – The aftermath.

After my last post I got a fair bit of feedback via comments, not the kind I wanted exactly but in all honesty it’s good to have some constructive criticism. Puts your feet back on the ground so to speak.

I went away and asked a few acquaintances, a lot of them TOs or regular tournament players and got some more feedback. It was very positive and they presented good arguments for conversions in general.

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