WAAAGH – Open War 17

Along with a few other lads from sheffield I got the chance to pull out the 40k and take part in Open war 17 organised by the 1st Company Veterans down at Maelstrom Games.

It was a 1 day event, 3 games at 1750pts no restrictions. I took a standard Ghazghkull Battlewagon list. It was a good day, lots of fun and gave me a lot to reflect on for 40k in general. So lets get into it.

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Pimp My Warbuggy – Warpath Marauder Raptor unboxing.

A while ago I did a post on Warbuggies. I needed 3 for my Orks and suddenly there was more choice then simply the games workshop model that made me want to scream “unclean!” every time I saw it, followed by scrubbing myself down in the shower.

I had 3 choices the: Kromlech Desert Raider, the Mantic Marauder or the rumored January GW release for orks including a new buggy. It turned out that as much as I did like the Kromlech buggy it’s about £30 so WAY too expensive and the GW release rumours were just a fart in the wind.

So when Mantic turned around and said I could have 3 Raptors for £30 including delivery how could I refuse?

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Christmas Beatings to you all!

Nothing much To report on at the moment as I’ve been at the family’s place and working a fair bit over the past week but I did want to draw some attention to Forgeworld’s New preheresy Predator that is severly tempting especially as I just got paid the other day!

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Pimp my Ride – Warbuggy edition

I remember when I was 9-10 I’d just started playing 2nd edition orks with all their pointy hatted goodness and then for my birthday I got one of these bad boys, I was ecstatic, over the moon to finally have a multi-melta in my army, the gun of kings! Sadly the model has not aged well however and I fear that this old school model shall not make it into my bad moons…but fear not help is at hand!

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Waaagh! Buzzkill! Christmas knockout tournament.

I’ll admit I’ve had a bit of a gripe about Warhammer recently after getting into Warmachine. It just has so many loopholes and unbalanced elements that make it a less interesting game to play. Despite that I had a very good game yesterday against Dark Eldar which reminded me that despite all that I really do enjoy playing the game and probably always will, mostly for sentimental value I think but when you push aside all the beardyness its still a damn good game.

My Local GW is hosting a 1500 Winter knockout tournament so I thought I’d use that as a platform to renew my love for the game. I’ll be playing my Bad Moon Orks, still fresh out of their 4th place from the team challenge at Maelstrom.

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