2014 – Year of The Whelp.

I know what you’re thinking; the year of the dragon was two years ago, I’m a bit late to the party…and you’d be right, but bear with me for a moment.

So this blog has been dormant for a long time. So long you’re probably wondering why this alert has popped up in your feed but I assure you it is not one of the ghosts of Christmas making a slightly late appearance but I’m firing up the old proverbial dragon slaying grimoire again in order to bring some more written pandemonium and ramblings to your screens!

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Dusting off with some changes.

As I sit here trying to verbally remove the layer of dust the blog has accumulated it actually made me remember a very important detail; since december Whelpslayer is 1 year old! Brings a lot of things into perspective to reread your old blog posts and to see how things change over just a year. But with the new year comes new ideas and I’ve had some pretty different ones this time round. Fair warning a lot of this post is about personal stuff and I’ve written it as much for myself (a reminder so to speak) as anyone else so if you’ve come looking for reports or tips or anything im afraid you won’t find any in this post but still if I have your curiosity then by all means read on…

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Sheffield Honour Guard

The more you play wargames the more you realize that the thing that really drives our hobby isn’t the models, the rules or the companies behind them; its the players. Without others Ideas aren’t discussed,projects aren’t encouraged or nutured and games just don’t happen.

I like the idea in investing in the community and the Sheffield one has been coming on leaps and bounds recently so I felt that it was about time we had an online presence!

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Whelpslayer – Twitter and SmogCon info!

Thanks to those of you who voted on the last post, that kind of feedback means a lot! So I now have a twitter account @WhelpSlayer  which you’ll now see is linked into a live feed at the side of the blog! Be sure to follow up for lots of mini blogging adventures! I’ll be using it a lot at SmogCon this weekend tweeting not only my games but loads of pictures as well as big results and events during the con.

I’ll be at Firestorm at around 12 I imagine, so if you see me around then feel free to come chat or have a game 😉 On that note I will also be posting a recap here on the blog each night with loads of pictures for you guys to peruse as you please! Hope that works for you lot!

New Year means new Shenanigans!

The holiday hiatus is over. Mince pies and assorted niceties have been digested, a fun time was had on new years eve and most importantly I still remember it all!

So to all you readers Happy New Year, I hope it brings good things for all of you! So what have I been up to since the last post? Well in all fairness not much but slowly getting back into the groove.

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Messages in Bottles

I did think for a while how best to introduce a blog and what fantastic things I could write to get everyone inspired to come back but then I remembered what someone alot more famous then me said:

“Blogging is like throwing a message in a bottle into a sea made out of bottles with messages in.”

Therefore my plan in to lamp this bottle in YOUR general direction in the vain attempt that the temporary shock and blood loss may keep you around long enough for this to get interesting.

So where to start? The obligatory piece of text about myself it is then! After all the idiot you know is better then the idiot you don’t.

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